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So you’ve mastered your way around the clean eating kitchen, created a weekly meal plan and prepped your food. Then you look at your calendar and remember that camping trip that’s coming up! How do you keep the healthy eating going whilst you’re away from your kitchen? It’s easier than you think says Kirsten from Highway to Health.

Step 1. Write a meal plan

Write out a rough meal plan and shopping list. Depending on where you are camping, you may need to take everything (including the kitchen sink)!

Step 2. Pack a mini pantry

Set aside a cardboard box and pack the things you use on a daily basis. For example – from the pantry: coconut oil, olive oil, balsamic oil, sea salt, dried herbs, protein powder, al-foil, glad wrap and freezer bags. Similarly, in your esky, pack your fridge staples like butter, yoghurt, eggs, salad items and olives. Pack a sharp kitchen knife, cutting board, can opener, bottle opener, BBQ implements, salad servers and the usual camping cutlery.

Step 3. Freeze meals ahead of time.

Pre-make a bolognese sauce, a stew, a curry and a hearty soup that will freeze well. These are easy meals to reheat once thawed, plus they help to keep your other fridge foods cold in the esky.

Camping can be messy, so why not try this easy camp-side breakfast:

Baggie Omelettes

  • In a freezer bag, add 2-3 cracked eggs and whatever meat & veggies you desire.
  • Push the air out of the bag to create a vacuum and seal the bag, then squish all the ingredients with your hands to “scramble” the eggs. Be careful not to burst the bag!
  • Throw the baggies into a big pot of boiling water over the campfire. Let it sit in the water for 10 minutes or so.
  • Fish out the bags. When you open the bag, slide out your perfect omelette. You can make a few at a time. Kids love this too!

And here’s a couple of websites with great ideas for clean-eating camp meals:

HAPPY CAMPING! It’s a great way to Take 5…  :-)

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