11 Things Melissa Ambrosini Would Say to You

Self-professed as being a slave once to the daily grind and all it entails; from a soulless job, eating crap, toxic relationships meanwhile silently screaming for help, Melissa Ambrosini pulled herself up by the socks and is bringing everyone she can along with her. The best-selling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, a motivational speaker and self-love teacher, Melissa now inspires endless women to say ‘sayonara’ to limiting beliefs and get on with the lives they knew they always wanted. Here’s 11 things Melissa would say if you were on a coffee date;

1. “Slow down, there is no arriving” -

When she first embarked on her spiritual journey, Melissa was overwhelmed trying to find the sweet spot of health, abundance and love, before learning the hard way to slow down and enjoy the journey.

2. “You don’t need fixing”

Even if you’re feeling broken, Melissa know that proverbial forest fire/disasters in our lives lead to regeneration.

3. “To truly manifest, draw your desires from a place of love, not fear!”
4. “You know yourself best, you are your own guru”
5. “Don’t be afraid to be seen”

A prerequisite to getting where you want to be in life means you have to be venerable and allow yourself to be seen. Melissa suggests not believing in the thoughts that says you’re not good, pretty, talented, or worthy enough to be seen, because they’re just your negativity bias speaking and it’s not based in truth.

6. “Gather evidence around you to show that your fears aren’t true”

Melissa would tell you not to let one passing thought discourage you from making decisions that will change your life for the better. Instead, cross-reference and question the crap out of the discouraging thought, finding all the evidence you can against it and encouraging yourself to go for it. It’s all perception anyway.  

7. “Stretch outside your comfort zone”

Taking baby steps towards your fear will increase your confidence and help you completely overcome old fears and enjoy the process of doing more things that scare you and help you grow.

8. “Money is energy”

Melissa wants you to take away the heavy beliefs about money and see it as energy that flows freely. Money should make you expand, not contract.

9. “That which is true for you never goes away, it’s always there waiting for you to show up.”

Melissa would say that in order to get there, we must strengthen our intuition.

10. “Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

Especially in respects to our morning routine. Melissa’s includes meditation, dry body brushing and reading something inspiring in hers.

11.“You are not broken”

After realising that her plight to good health was coming from a place of fear, she began to see real change when she began to see that she was already whole.


Article written by Ella Liascos

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