6 Places to Get Plant-Based Meal Delivery in Perth

Since the dawn of healthy meal delivery, we’ve discovered so many amazing uses for it; one of our favorites is kickstarting into a healthier lifestyle, without room for error. While at first, it may seem over the top, it’s a pragmatic way of keeping healthy, no matter what life throws at you.

Maybe you’re staring down the barrel of a crazy week and need help feeding the kids, or perhaps there’s a deadline at work and you’re unable to part with your desk. In the past, these might’ve been the moments we caved on our good intentions and ordered takeaway (we’re all human), but nowadays it comes in healthier forms and including plant-based. Here’s where to find yours next time you’re stuck:


Eat Drink Raw

Place your order between 7 and 11 am and Eat Drink Raw will deliver a meal to your home, or office by 2 pm during the working week. Delivering to the Northern Suburbs only, it’s the perfect option for those working in the CBD, Leedy, Subiaco, or even Osborne Park. Choosing from their delivery menu is no easy feat, especially when you’ve got things like a peanut butter chocolate banana smoothie bowls, competing with raw coconut wraps for your attention. At least you know whatever you go with, will be filled with life-affirming nutrients.



Aside from there incredible café in Mount Lawley, NOOD also offer you a nudge in the right direction, with healthy meal deliveries that can last from one week, up to one month. With breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered to your door, including a couple of wholesome desserts thrown in, they develop plant-based meal programs and tailor it to any other dietary requirements you may have.


The Raw Kitchen

UberEATS makes it possible to have the incredible raw nachos or live pizza slice from The Raw Kitchen, without having to leave your house or office. With smaller items on the delivery menu like dehydrated kale chips, their Gypsy Elixir Kombucha, and raw desserts, they deliver between 11.30am and 3.30pm Monday through to Wednesday, and ‘til 9 pm the rest of the week.


Wholistically Healthy

These guys have categories for absolutely every dietary requirement under the sun, from paleo, gluten-free, nut-free and of course, plant-based. If you live a high-tempo life and need a bit of help in the kitchen, they deliver weekly meal packs so you don’t need to lift a finger — except for when you’re punching in your credit card details. Just place your order before 8 pm Sunday and Wholistically Healthy will schedule a delivery the following week. If you’re not home to pick up the food, they provide you with an esky to leave out so your food doesn’t go bad.  


Kale & Co

The mother and daughter dream team behind Panache in the CBD went on to do more exciting things in the form of Kale & Co; a superfood meal plan and delivery service. If you’ve ever dreamt of having a personal chef, this is as close as it gets to the real thing, with a team of sous-chefs behind the project delivering their creations straight to your door. They base their delivery on 3, 5, and 20-day meal plans designed to for detoxing, weight loss, or completely overhauling your diet. Their food is made fresh from scratch each day and they don’t bulk deliver, and everything is seasonal, and organic where possible.


Salad Mander

Knowing how hectic life can get, Salad Mander comes to the rescue by making sure you stay healthy, even in the midst of a busy week with their delicious, balanced salad jars. Their salads are all named after the benefits that the nutrients packed in each jar provide, like their ‘happiness,’ ‘relaxing,’ and ‘detox’ salads — so whatever boost you need for the week, you know these guys have got your back.  


  Article was written by Ella Liascos






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