7 Classes You Probably Haven’t Heard of That Will Keep You Lean AF

The fitness world is gaining intelligence at a rapid rate, with new, more holistic styles of training being developed to revolutionize the way we stay motivated, fit and healthy. There’s so much more to explore nowadays than simply lifting weights the old fashioned way and we’re sure these 7 places that will change your outlook on fitness:


Aspire Group — Zuu

Osborne Park

If Zuu has escaped your frame of reference, Aspire Group will acquaint you with the innovative primal style of training created by Nathan Helberg, who was previously in elite sports and the armed forces. It has since become a registered bodyweight training modality, used to train both athletes and available in the commercial world of fitness. Addressing the basic needs of human health and wellness, this holistic workout might just be the next weekly pit stop.


F45 — Group Training

As people become more clued in, the demand for different training styles and personal training to reach fitness goals is more in demand. The infamous F45 emerged in response to this need and has since become the fastest growing functional training network in the world — offering the most effective training styles in a group setting that’s wildly motivating. Find a studio near you here.


LA FIT – Ride


Ride is Perth’s first rhythm style cycle class involving 45 sweat inducing minutes and an overall addictive workout to keep the heart healthy and your body strong and lean. 50-minute MegaRide class offers the same cycle workout for half the time, warming up with 25 minutes of planks, pikes and bodyweight exercises. See their timetable here.


Bolt Health & Fitness — Bolt-strong

Victoria Park

Offering a diverse approach to keeping fit, Bolt Health & Fitness utilize cardio machines, boxing drills and bodyweight exercise in their Bolt-Fit Cardio session, as well as Bolt-Strong compound exercise class, straight up boxing classes and yoga inspired flexibility classes.


Momentum Lifestyles — PT

East Perth

For those suffering a lack of motivation after the winter, Momentum Lifestyles offer PT and group training that are results based to keep you on top of your fitness and aesthetic goals. They offer advice on nutrition and recovery, as well as a boot camp aimed at all levels in the morning or evening all throughout the week to keep you motivated.


Surge Fitness — TFW


Offering addictive Training for Warriors (TWF) classes and an 8-week challenge, Surge Fitness base their program off years of research to deliver a holistic approach to training. What is TWF? It’s a comprehensive program progressing through warm-up, strength, endurance, flexibility and speed training, all monitored by a coach to help develop both muscular and mental strength. After signing the program, you get an 8 week pass to Surge Fitness Club, plus nutritional support, before and after images, fitness workshops, a program trackers and a food guide developed specifically for the program.


Jungle Body — Konga

If you’re unfamiliar with Konga, think; high intensity fusion of boxing, cardio, dance and strength conditioning, set to music you can dance to. Expect lots of squats, burpees, sprints and changing the choreography monthly. You can find a class all over Perth from the Kings Street Arts Center, East Victoria Park and Bayswater.

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Image Credit: Aspire Group

Article written by Ella Liascos

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