Best Herbal Teas in Perth

Herbal tea has been used for centuries in rituals and healing remedies, and has been regarded in the East as the key to good health. Not only is it a great way to cut down on your coffee habit, but drinking brews of herbs, spices, flowers and fruit has remarkable healing benefits for the body and studies have found it helps with daily remedies from headaches to stomach cramps and more serious ailments like heart disease and diabetes.


Chai Baba Masala

Nature’s Harvest

The home of nearly every natural remedy known to man, Nature’s Harvest know how to make a good herbal brew — in particular, their Chai Baba Masala, with black tea, cinnamon, fennel, cardamom, organic ginger, pepper and clove — this powerful blend of herbs and spices enhances the immune system, fights inflammation, has antioxidant properties and is a delicious and comforting alternative to your daily cup of coffee.


Tulsi & Rose Tea

Pearth Organic Kitchen

Known as Indian Holy Basil, Tulsi tea not only has a delicious, distinctive flavour — but the list of benefits is endless. If you’ve got a cold, need a little stress relief or you’re hungover, head into Pearth Organic Kitchen for a cup of Tulsi & Rose tea. It does wonders for stress relief, the respiratory system and the digestive system, and the rose petals contain vitamin C to help to clear toxins and heat from the body.


Apple & Cinnamon Tea

The Little Stove

Tucked Away in the quiet streets of Bicton, this little neighbourhood haunt has one of the most extensive lists of lose leaf herbal tea going ‘round. Their apple and cinnamon tea is our favourite and the perfect companion to hang with by their fireplace this winter. Cinnamon is also a wonderful blood sugar and cholesterol regulator, while anti-inflammatory properties of apple is anti-inflammatory and the perfect cure for headaches induced by the night before.


Pukka Tea

Kakulas Sisters

This old school wholefoods dispensary in Fremantle has been kicking around for years, supplying locals with some of the best local and organic produce in town. There herbal tea selection is no exception, with sustainable and organic brands like Pukka on the shelves, they combine some of the highest quality herbal teas based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, to create healing concoctions from turmeric gold, mint matcha green and sweet vanilla green tea.


Organic Chamomile & Hibiscus


Leedy’s favourite outlet for a healthy balanced lunch box, smoothie bowl or a turmeric latte, also do a beautiful range of healing teas, and their chamomile and hibiscus tea is not only delicious, but is a great cure for muscle cramps and nausea — and the hibiscus is a wonderful digestive and immune booster.


African Rooibos

The Raw Kitchen

We can’t go past the distinctive slightly sweet, slightly savoury flavour of a good cup of Rooibos and you can find the perfect brew at The Raw Kitchen in Fremantle. Native to Africa, the benefits of steeping the rooibos plant in warm water are endless. From its anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, to its benefits for bone and cardiovascular health — rooibos is the superfood of the tea world and a great one to add to the shopping list this winter.


Lovingly provided by Ella Liascos

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