'Hygge': The Newest Trend That's About To Make Your Winter

Hang up your hustle and make a date with Hygge. A Danish concept for wellbeing, Hygge, pronounced Hue-guh, makes moments of contentment snow-globe worthy. 

Ever imagined what happens inside that tiny house complete with smoking chimney? 

In addition to being wonderfully cosy, Hygge captures an atmosphere of occasion, be it alone or shared among family and friends. 

Still figuring out what Hygge actually is, and what website you can buy it from? Hygge isn’t something you can wrap and give to a friend, it’s a feeling, created through ritualising daily activities, and putting technology aside.

This soul soothing wellness movement is reminiscent of the days before the internet, when it was created as a means to survive the depths of winter. AKA ye olde European equivalent of ‘Netflix and chill’.

But lately, it’s the World Wide Web, bringing us closer to this Danish tradition. Looking for inspo? You’ll find that idealistic snow-globe affect in the form of Hygge flat lays, under hashtags like #hyggelife and #hyggetea.

Any moment worthy of the name Hygge, could be as simple as brewing a pot of tea, and sipping it from your best china. Creating a safe, comforting and warm place, is at the heart of this tradition which is based on self-care, and cultivating community. 

Hygge reinforces the idea of balance and is about relaxing, and mindfulness. Things like taking the time to make a warming batch of porridge just like Grandma used to, may take you back to a comforting moment from your past. That feeling of warmth, safety and connection with others is the stuff Hygge is made from. 

Eating comfort food in the form of pastries may also be considered rather Hygge, but how do you maintain that balance without overindulging? 

Pump up the tyres on your treadly, because Hygge doesn’t only mean staying indoors. Riding your bike is just one other simple ritual you can enjoy, as a way of slowing down an otherwise busy life. Something like riding your bike to stock up on nourishing ingredients for soup will do the trick! 

Already hooked on Hygge? You just can’t help but imagine an intimate fondue party, everyone parked on the floor amongst scattered cushions, dipping morsels like veges, bread and strawberries into pots of decadent melted goodness, completed by the backdrop of a cosy wood fireplace!

Ultimately, Hygge is a lifestyle and there’s much to learn from the Danes about slowing down and taking pleasure in the little things, like lighting a candle.


Here’s 5 essentials to Hyggefy your health this winter:


1. Candles

Get familiar with the Danish art of happiness by creating soothing pools of light in your home, while cleansing your mind, body and soul with essential oils. Pure.Home.Body and Nelumbo Skin Care have developed the perfect balance of ambience and natural fragrance, so all that’s left to do is cosy up with a good book!


2. Books

Grab a blanket and some warm socks, a cosy evening of reading is a great excuse to take a break from technology and get to bed early. Discover the Danish secrets to being kind to yourself in the The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking, your guide to living well.


3. Outdoor elements

Want to apply Hygge to your workout? Exercising with a Hygge mindset is all about keeping things pleasant. Why not combine your hike with a picnic?! There’s no need to put away your running gear though, just maintain a comfortable pace and remember to appreciate your natural surroundings.


4. Tea

Not only is tea the perfect pick me up on a cold winter’s day, but drinking brews of herbs, spices, flowers and fruit have been shown to have remarkable healing benefits for the body. Sounds like a recipe for Hygge right there! Check out Perth’s best herbal teas for your dose of happiness.


5. Soup

Inner Ego are now offering a Soup Cleanse, which combines cold pressed juices, hand made soups and kombucha to give you the mental and physical boost you need throughout the cooler months.

If you're feeling like trying your luck at making your own, why not try our latest soup recipe; Roasted Pumpkin Smokey Tomato Soup!




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