Perth’s Latest Superfood Trend Has Sent People Cricket Crazy!

As the weather warms up in Perth we can only expect that the creepy crawly’s in our garden are waiting to pounce. To most this means loading up on the insect repellent and bug spray, however some people of Perth are using crickets as a nutritious ingredient. With the insect's reputation for being high in protein we’ve seen them being added to protein shakes, smoothies or just eaten on their own!

Where to find bugs on the menu in Perth, and online:

El Publico

If you are feeling brave order the ‘Chapulines’ from El Publico, Highgate. Chapulines is essentially fried crickets seasoned with chilli salt. They are described to have an earthy flavour and crunchy texture, although if you’re not a fan we are sure you’ll find something you fancy on their extensive drinks menu to wash it all down.

Grubs Up

Grubs Up offers a few different options for the faint-hearted. The have Cricket Powder which is perfect to add to your pre-workout protein shake, alternatively you could try the Roast Cricket Spice Grinder or Cricket Hazelnut Dukka to season your dinner.

Edible Bug Shop

If you’re looking for variety hit up the Edible Bug Shop. They have an assortment of flavoured roasted cricket’s, DIY Cricket Protein Ball Mixes and Cricket Gift Packs.


Lovingly provided by Jessie Corlett

Photo Credit: @elpublico @grubsup

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