Planning meals around food sensitivities

Food allergies and intolerances can make choosing, preparing and eating your daily meals very overwhelming. Planning your meals for the week is key to keeping meal times stress free and avoiding foods that are likely to cause you grief.


Here are my top tips for planning your meals to cater for your food sensitivities.


1. Have a clear idea what you can and can’t eat. For some food sensitivities such as gluten or lactose it may be clear which foods you need to avoid but if you’re not sure exactly sure what foods are causing your issues it’s best to work that out first. Keep track of what you are eating and any symptoms you may be experiencing with a food diary. If you’re still unsure then depending on your food sensitivities, medical testing or using an elimination diet may help. Once you have a clear idea of the foods you have an issue with you can start by making a list of meals that are ok and don’t contain those foods.
2. Focus on what you can eat. Having to cut out certain foods from your diet isn’t fun but instead of focusing on all the foods you can’t enjoy, focus on all the delicious meals you can create, based around foods you can eat.
3. Find healthy alternatives to your favourite meals. Have a few meals or foods you absolutely can’t go without? Research recipes or good alternatives for it that are free of the foods you can’t eat. Having a food sensitivity doesn’t mean having to go without!
4. Focus on gut health. Many food sensitivity symptoms can be lessened by better gut health. To improve your gut health, consume foods that help to repair the gut, reduce inflammation, aid digestion and enhance your microbiome.
5. Avoid any nutrient deficiencies by replacing foods you can’t eat with other foods that have similar nutrients. If this isn’t possible a supplement may be necessary.
6. Meal prep so you always have suitable meals available. This is great if you’re strapped for time or need something to eat on the go, especially if you are going to an event where you aren’t able to eat the food provided.


Using these tips will get you on your way to eating better and feeling better.


Of course, if you need some inspiration or this all sounds like too much work, let me do the thinking for you with a personalised meal plan.


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