Review: The Holistic Foodie, Perth’s Newest Healthy Food Delivery Service

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

Sunday, we go to our local market and buy all the fresh vegetables and lean meats to get us through the week. We prepare our meals for Sunday night with leftovers for Monday lunch. We are motivated to "stay on track" for the week. This is it. Our healthy life restarts after a questionable Saturday afternoon of cake (and maybe a wine) sent it into disrepute. But we are feeling good. 

By Tuesday life has happened. Deadlines loom. We're struggling to balance work, yoga, spinning and walking the dog. Your food prep, that was on point on Sunday, has run out and you don't think you'll reach your Friday goal of 5 days of healthy food without a fairy godmother. 

Enter The Holistic Foodie. She takes the stress out of maintaining a healthy lifestyle when the universe tries to steer us off our chosen path.

The Holistic Foodie is Perth’s newest meal delivery service – she cooks and delivers wholesome meals straight to your door. Delivery days are Monday and Thursday (perfectly accommodating a mid-week meltdown!) and all food is cooked on the day it’s delivered.

Changing the menu every three weeks means you’ll never get bored of The Holistic Foodie’s offerings. The menus are filled with fresh, nutritious ingredients that burst with flavour and goodness.

I’ve been lucky to taste-test some of The Holistic Foodie’s latest menu – here is what I discovered.


Apple and Cinnamon Chia Pudding

This tasted like vegan Christmas. The cinnamon and apple combined perfectly, without overpowering each other to create a delicious and fresh, well-balanced breakfast. With a coconut milk, vanilla and maple syrup base to complement the apple and cinnamon, this was an absolute winner!


Pesto and Spinach Chicken, Rice, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Green Beans 

The absolute joy of roasted cherry tomatoes is not lost on me. They are phenomenal, and with the rice, homemade pesto and spinach chicken, they bring an added explosion of flavour to the already enjoyable meal. The green beans were perfectly cooked al dente and were a wonderful accompaniment.

Dinner (The Hero):

Sweet Potato and Chickpea Pattie, Turmeric Rice, Tomato Chutney and Green Beans

Hands down, this was my ultimate favourite. I would eat this sweet potato and chickpea pattie for every meal if I could. I could taste a myriad of flavour in every bite and I could feel its nourishing ingredients work their magic – cumin, coriander, garlic, ginger, even kale makes it into this super pattie. The rice was a great side dish and the tomato chutney was a tangy treat.


Black Sticky Rice Pudding

Not as sweet as traditional sticky rice (of course, it’s refined-sugar-free!), this black sticky rice and mango with shredded coconut is a great alternative to help those who may “need” dessert…which leads me to my second favourite from The Holistic Foodie menu…


Choc Almond Slice

All I can say is this is divine. I don’t have a sugar-heavy diet, but I still crave treats! This slice was exactly what I needed with my chai latte after a busy day at the office. Its not-too-sweet understated natural flavour pairs perfectly with a cup of your favourite tea. I’m glad I’m not a baker, as if I could make this myself I would probably eat a whole tray (although, with its natural ingredients, that may not be all that bad!).   

The Verdict: 

Seeing is Believing!

The Holistic Foodie is not your average food delivery service. There is no doubt that every meal is created with love and a passion for goodness! Meals are fresh on delivery and will fail to disappoint.

More about The Holistic Foodie

The Holistic Foodie is the passion project of Perth native Sarah Chapman. Cooking has been a passion of Sarah’s since she was a child and in January 2017, she was motivated to start her own healthy food business – with encouragement from her boyfriend who was already a fan. She put a post on social media and was blown away by the response from family and friends for her new food delivery service. Six months later, Sarah is sharing her passion for food and wellbeing with Perth’s health conscious community by delivering wholesome meals across the metropolitan area.    

Lovingly provided by Gabrielle Campion

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