There’s nothing quite like the seeing first glimpses of warm weather to inspire a spring clean, whether it’s clearing excesses of clutter in your living space, or detoxing the body with some vitamin D in an infrared sauna, or freshening up the digestive system with a juice cleanse. Just in time for spring, here’s four of our favourite detoxes and where to find them:



Detox Centre

Looking after gut health is vital to maintaining overall health and wellbeing and The Detox Center do just that. Colonic irrigation is one of their most popular and effective ways to cleanse and rebuild digestive health after the effects of pollution, poor lifestyle choices or pharmaceuticals. Their detox foot spas rid the body of any heavy metals and chemicals that leave the body venerable to illness. Infrared saunas harness the power of vitamin D minus the UV rays, detoxifying the body, along with a whole host of other benefits. The Detox Centre also offer DIY detox by PPC herbs, so you can take home a bottle to support  gut ailments from candida, fluid retention, or parasites.


Juice Cleanse

Made Juice

Using locally sourced fruit and veg, Made Juices have created a delicious line of nutrient-rich, cold pressed juices designed to boost your health and vitality. If you’ve been under additional stress or feeling sluggish after a big weekend of eating and drinking, a juice detox is a great way to clean the slate and start afresh.

 Pure Glow Cleanse

With the most colourful range of juices on the market, Pure Glow have a six detoxes to choose from, spanning over one, three or five days. Filled with cold-pressed fruit and veg, their juices are designed to alkalize the body and during the cleanse you’ll receive comprehensive email support and a PDF with all the information you might need about the process. To replenish healthy gut bacteria and cleanse even more thoroughly, you can add a boost pack with probiotic coconut kefir, an oil pulling sachet and cleansing tea.

 Inner Ego

Working with local farmers and suppliers, Inner Ego is a small batch cold-pressed juice company that don’t cut corners. With a passion for plant based eating, they make high quality nut milk, vegan food and create juice cleanses with comprehensive information about safely cleansing so you’re supported the whole way through.

 Re:Fresh Juice

From a one, three or six day cleansing program Re:Fresh Juice offer level based cleansing programs that include exotic ingredients you won’t find in your usual juice program, from kakuda plum, aloe vera and lemon verbena. They also sell individual bottles of high quality apple cider vinegar to condition hair, whiten teeth and detox, with two teaspoons in warm water each morning and Perth’s one and only black lemonade with activated charcoal.


Detox with Wholefoods

One Wellness

After being diagnosed with auto-immune disease, Kelley trained in Nutrition Coaching to understand her own body and help others experiencing similar issues. Now you can access all her knowledge about cleansing and detoxing through One Wellness, where she assesses the toxicity of your body to create a cleanse that suits your individual needs. Including movement, nutrition plans and a cleanse guide, Kelley’s cleanses range between 48 hours, to 14 days depending on the toxicity levels in the body, so you can be sure that it’s thorough.  

 Health with Bec

Sit back, relax and let Bec do it all for you; from giving your pantry a complete makeover, to nutrition consultations to solve any issues you may have. For those looking to shed a couple of winter kilos, she solves that with her comprehensive 12 day or four-week meal plans and weight loss package, giving you a rough figure of expected weight-loss and daily support throughout the program.


Full Body Exfoliation

Bodhi J

This 100% natural and organic day spa retreat in the CBD and Wembley has won endless awards for their healing therapies and decadent spa experience. Bodhi J’s Salt Scrub or Sugar & Lime Body Exfoliation combines healing oils like calendula with exfoliation to increase blood flow and detox the skin. For an intensified detox, their mud wrap and body brush includes 60 minutes of being enveloped in soft green clay to drain toxins, and body brushing to reduce fluid retention and increase blood flow.

 Limon Day Spa

From full body scrubs, dry body brushing or a scrub and a massage using their uplifting lemon myrtle scrub or detoxifying sea salt — a trip to Limon Day Spa is a treat to say the least.


This city-based spa offers a sixty-minute detox treatment that includes body brushing to stimulate circulation, before wrapping the body in a warm cocoon of clay. The experienced therapists at Endota finish off the detox with a moisturizing treatment.


Visit a Skin Specialist


Sometimes detoxing isn’t as straight forward as we’d like it to be, especially when things like acne are concerned. This is where a certified skin specialist can change the game, providing an initial consultation to find the root of the problem, followed by a skincare prescription and LED light treatment to calm the skin and kick start the journey to a clearer complexion.  


  Article written by Ella Liascos

Photo Credit: @endota @studdedhearts

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