The 8 Most Inspiring Vegan Bloggers of Instagram

As the third fastest growing vegan market, behind the United Arab Emirates and China, Australia has seen a huge increase in the number of companies avoid using animal-based ingredients. Instagram has been an effective platform for educating the public on a vegan diet, inspiring thousands of people each year to make the transition to a plant-based eating. With reports from The World Health Organization marking bacon, sausages and ham as grade 1 carcinogens and studies such as this one, linking a vegan diet to lower rates of ischemic heart disease and cancer — a lot of people, particularly those who have battled with illness are making the switch. Here are 8 Instagram accounts providing the inspiration and information to transition towards or maintain a balanced vegan diet:


Raw Public

With a knack for making impeccably presented raw desserts and slices, Courtney Stewart of Raw Public went vegan 9 years ago and has since been sharing her colourful recipes, knowledge, and inspiration through her Instagram account. Now sharing video content via her Youtube channel, recipes on her blog, and handmade food with a plans for a food truck in the works, you can keep up to date with her @rawpublic_.


Rich Roll

As the archetypal ex-corporate person with an unhealthy lifestyle at age 40, Rich Roll turned his corner towards a vegan lifestyle after experiencing a health scare. Shocked into trying a vegan and highly active lifestyle, Rich Roll famously became a top-finisher in the Ultraman World Championships just two years after being 50 pounds overweight and not even owning a bike. Completely fueled by plants, he was dubbed one of Men’s Fitness Mag’s 25 fittest men and now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and kids, where he shares information and inspiration about his plant-based lifestyle via Instagram, podcasts, and his book “Finding Ultra.” You can follow him @richroll.


Regan the Vegan

After his pun-filled Youtube video explaining why he went vegan, Regan gives a fresh and humorous take on the vegan lifestyle, including all his early mistakes. Providing a transparent and comprehensive insight into maintaining a plant-fuelled athletic lifestyle, you can follow his journey @reganthevegan.


The Minimalist Baker

This mostly plant-based resource is full of recipes that are inspiring to vegans and non-vegans alike. Sharing her innovative creations from black bean and sweet potato burgers to vegetable stuffed Portobello mushrooms, Dana of @minimalistbaker is the queen of hearty, vegan comfort foods. She also provides endless ideas to entertain with, from her 30-minute roasted vegetable salad platter, vegan ‘barbacoa’ tacos and garlicky sweet potato noodle pasta — it doesn’t get better than this.


Raw Manda

For those specifically interested in the raw vegan lifestyle, @rawmanda is the perfect source of daily inspiration. Sharing the most vibrant food bowls with every colour of the rainbow, incredible fruit platters, and hearty jackfruit chilli nachos — her Instagram is colourful, inspirational, and addictive.


Deliciously Ella

After experiencing health issues, Ella began to heal herself through diet and lifestyle, cutting out processed foods and opting for a whole-foods plant based diet. Keeping the blog initially as a hobby, her warming recipes (particularly her famous sweet potato brownies) earned her a large and loyal following. Since then, she’s written a couple of best-selling recipe books, opened the MaE deli in a few locations around London and continues to share the same quality recipes that have been inspiring her followers to embrace plant-based living over the past four years.


Eat with Andy

It’s not all smoothie bowls and rice paper rolls with Australian Instagrammer @eatwithandy, she balances the fresh stuff with winter warmers and hearty foods that keep active people feeling satisfied. From sweet potato ramen, dahl, and Mexican chili bowls, her Instagram is an archive of inspiration for vegans or anyone keen to cut down on meat-based recipes. Always mixing up her meals based on season, her channel motivates followers to get creative and try ingredients or food combinations that you’ve never considered before.


Elsa’s Wholesome Life

From dreamy coastal landscapes to rainbow rice paper rolls, @elsas_wholesomelife is a source of plant-based inspiration for a following of over 600,000 people. Her Instagram is a feast for the eyes, from colourful green tea smoothie bowls to vegan Neopolitan ice-cream, you can find her cookbook here.


  Article was written by Ella Liascos

Photo credit: @elsas_wholesomelife 

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