Top 17 Things To Do In Perth This December

The weather is warm, the beaches crystal clear and the festival season is in full force. Here’s our top 17 list of things to do this December in the world of health, wellness and fitness: 

1. Get around the upcoming Yoga & Wellness event in North Beach on the 10th, for half a day of yoga, meditating and morning tea.
2. Challenge yourself to $49 unlimited month at The Yoga Lab Fremantle and attempt to go as many time’s as possible.
3. Take a sound bath at Yogaworx with Julian Silburn and Wendy Muir, complete with a slow yin practice and healing sounds created with the didgeridu, tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, hoop drums, sitar and endless zen-promoting instruments.
4. Switch it up and do your grocery shopping at one of these farmers markets on the weekend. Grab breakfast after you shop, at one of the many food stalls beforehand and lay on the grass and catch some rays.
5. Take a weekend drive up to Hilary’s for a breakfast at the Sorrento Beach Shack and if you’re feeling adventurous, they do jet ski tours up that way too.
6. Feel your very best before the eating your way through Christmas, with one of these juice cleanses.
7. Stray from the weekend local and work your way through this list of Perth’s best vegan breakfast venues.
8. Treat yourself to a mobile massage, or better yet, get your boss to treat the team to a corporate massage seeing as it’s the season of giving and all…
9. Go on an adventure to one of these 5 spots early in the morning before it gets too hot outside!
10. Finally, it’s summer! Which means that all these healthy cafés and restaurants with a view will be pumping again. Why eat breakfast or lunch anywhere that’s not 100 meters away from the beach? Yes, if you’re smart you can avoid getting into a hot car more than once this season.
11. Stray from your usual summer salad recipes and give this Spring Salad a go. With nectarine, mint, and sugar snap peas — you won’t regret it.
12. Do your Xmas shopping at one of the sustainable/eco friendly shops around Perth. Check out where to find the best healthy gift stores in Perth here
13. ‘Tis the season for it, so give beach side pilates or yoga a go.
14. Join a hike or run collective and socialise your way to good health.
15. There’s no better time of year to dig into an acai bowl for breakfast. Here’s where you can find them around Perth.
16. Since it’s expensive as hell, why not try making your own Apple Cider Vinegar recipe and mix with soda water for a refreshing summer drink, that feels as luxurious as a glass of white wine.
17. Sometimes, it’s just too hot to move outside. Instead of battling through the summer heat, try one of these air conditioned Pilates studios for a workout when the weather gets intense.

Blog lovingly provided by Ella Liascos 

Image: @dg.imagery

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