Where to Find The Best Healthy Chocolate

With World Chocolate Day just around the corner so many would avoid the sweet treat all together, but what if we told you there are healthy chocolate options?!

As sugar leaves unwanted nasties in your body we’ve gone out to find some healthy, and just as yummy, alternatives for you and your family so you can still indulge this World Chocolate Day.

With both the option of finding your closest stockist of each brand, or buying online, here is our list of the top three healthy chocolates for you;


Made from vegan, organic ingredients Pana Chocolate is raw, gluten free, soy free and refined sugar free, whilst also being both kosher and halal certified. The bars are unique little bursts of flavour where you can find sweet and spicy flavour combinations and smooth yet textured bites. Your tastebuds will be taken on a ride with flavours like Sour Cherry and Vanilla, Fig and Wild Orange and my personal favourite, Coconut and Goji.



With the cutest range ever, The Carob Kitchen is the perfect treat to buy for little ones this year. Banjo the Carob Bear promises that the chocolates are gluten free with no added sugar and much better for you than regular bars of chocolate. There are family share decks in a range of different flavours, mini Banjo bars and the perfect addition to healthy desserts or over ice-cream, carob syrup.



A focus on protecting the planet drives Loving Earth to producing the treats that they do, not only using sustainable ingredients but packaging too. Packed with yummy flavours like salted caramel, lemon cheesecake and creamy coconut, the Loving Earth chocolate can also be enjoyed as chocolate covered nuts, berries and cacao nibs, perfect for a healthy table snack.



For convinience each brand has a buy online option, so you can fill up your online cart with all the yummy goodies you want and have the sweetness delivered right to your door.

Or you could pop into one of the many stockists around the city and choose your goodies yourself;

Nature's Harvest

Brighton Road Food Market

Pure Glow Cleanse

Bounty Box Superfoods

Stay Healthy Health Foods

Health Kick Vitamin Centre

Manna Wholefoods


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