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Conscious Breathworks is a modern, transformational tool that allows practitioners to tap in much more easily to the energetic, emotional, astral and mental aspects of the being.

Our breathing is a unique system in our body: it is both a subconscious and conscious activity, and an incredible tool for meditation, insights and journeying. 

This practice is different from the yogic pranayama practice, which is used to cultivate prana - Conscious Breathe practices allow us to tap below the surface into the layers of the individual and collective subconscious mind.

Usually preformed as a ‘journey’, Senaja is one of the best at guiding this interesting and informative practice.

☼ What to expect

Senaja has a gentle, caring nature and holds a safe space for her breathers to journey freely.

When we commit to a full, connected breath pattern, we allow for a variety of experiences to be felt on various levels. After the breathing practice reaches a peak, each person is left to let go, relax and fall into a journey. One side effect is detoxing. As our cells become charged with oxygen through the breathwork they oscillate faster. Our sense of awareness becomes vastly expanded. The emotional matter that has been stored in our tissues has the opportunity to be released – literally shaken out. Detoxing the density! Also our physical selves become fed and renewed with nutritious oxygen while the waste matter is expelled.

Did you know that 70% of the toxins in your body are released through your breath? Our breath is our primary system for elimination, the second is the skin.

☼ Second session: Commitment ☼ 

How will I be if I welcomed all of me? 

What will I feel when I have an experience of being connected to all that is? 

What wisdom will I know when I hear what my Inner Joy is yearning to tell me? 

Are you ready to commit to the fullness of you?

When we commit to the Alchemy of our Breath, we welcome everything that wants to happen for us and anything is possible. 
Through the exploration of our breath with conscious awareness, connection and receiving ourselves fully, we open our internal doorways. What lies beyond these entry points is a myriad of things in service to our grandest potential.

☼ How to book

Individual sessions $44
Use ticket link to book online, or with cash at the studio.

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When: 29/09/2017

Time: 06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

price single $44


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