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What is positivity? And why cultivate it? I like to think about positivity in terms of vibration.

If you accept the notion that we are comprised of energy, then that energy can either vibrate with a positive, neutral or negative charge. It’s not possible to vibrate in a positive state at all times, and neither would we want to. Some of the ‘negative’ emotions we experience are an essential and important part of life - sadness, anger, fear - that can teach us many things, help us connect and grow, and ultimately add a depth of richness to our lives - meaning, if you will.

* Sadness is a natural reaction to loss and it is important to let the grieving process happen.

* Anger is a natural reaction to betrayal or violation and this emotion is an indicator that a boundary needs to be set or re-established.

* Fear is a natural reaction to a threat and a reminder to protect oneself. It is important to feel and express these emotions so that they don’t build to toxic levels in your system.

Repression of these emotions and excessive negative thinking can eventually lead to depression and anxiety or might come out sideways in the form of rage or panic. I struggled for the better part of 15 years from my mid-teens to just after 30 with varying degrees of depression and anxiety. Occasionally, I still do. However, now when I realise that one or both of these states has arisen I recognise that my emotional health is out of whack and I have numerous tools at my disposal to restore the balance.

Being positive doesn’t mean being happy and bubbly all the time. For some people that is the norm but for others, like myself, it just means engaging in life with a different perspective. It’s not as simple as the glass half full / half empty analogy but that is certainly on the right track.

Positivity opens you up to the world in a whole new way. It opens your mind which enables you to see new possibilities as obstacles become opportunities. It opens your heart which allows you to connect on a deeper level with yourself, with your loved ones and those you interact with every day whether in the workplace, at the gym or in the coffee shop. In a world where the ability to connect is being lost due to misuse of technology, it’s more important now than ever before that we re-discover the joy of connecting with our fellow human beings. Barbara Fredrickson, Professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina, has been studying positive emotions for years. From her research she has discovered that experiencing positive emotions in a 3:1 ratio to negative emotions can help one to flourish. You can take a brief survey at her website and discover your ratio - Emotional health is just one aspect of the Wellness Coaching that I do. Physical, Mental and Spiritual are the other components that together make up the four pillars of health that I believe are essential to maintain in order to thrive and express your full potential.

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