RESTORE - 30 Day Spring Cleanse

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Together, let’s discover how you can feel better than you’ve felt in years!

I’m going to show you a whole new way to boost energy naturally, so that you will jump out of bed ready for what the day will bring.

RESTORE Your 30 Day Spring Cleanse program isn’t about depleting your body of the foods you love, starving yourself, or taking a bunch of supplements.

It is about giving your body a much-needed break from toxins, acidity and stress that accumulates over time in this modern world.

I’m here to show you that you CAN break free from the cycle of your current health, fatigue, weight gain and inflammation by following this proven step-by-step protocol that promises positive results! 

You receive:·      

·       Weekly group coaching calls

·       Access to a private facebook group

·       30 day cleanse program

·       Self-care strategies

·       Breathing activities

 ·       Recipes

·       Meal plans

·       Workbook

·       Daily activities / plan

·       Food preparation

·       Cooking tips

·       Guidebook

·       Toxin reduction tools

·       Unlimited support

·       Resources & recommendations

·       Optional juice fast within the 30 days

Like no other program you have experienced before!


This holistic program takes into account all aspects of health, it is effective, has proven results and has a

100% money back guarantee!

(See pricing for more info).


Just like your home or your car, you clean those out. It is really important to keep your cells clean because your cells are what you are made of. Just imagine if you had a room in your house and you never really cleaned it, if you didn't even take the waste out. Just imagine what it would be like to be in that environment. Just thinking about it, I start to feel sluggish. That’s what goes on in your cells.

Your cells actually need four things to survive and thrive. That is oxygen, water, nutrients, and the ability to eliminate waste. Believe it or not, there are many things that can get in the way of that happening. Stress, sugar, inflammatory foods, food additives, hormones, and the list goes on.

The more toxins you have accumulated in your blood stream, the more your energy will decrease, increasing symptoms, even illnesses.

In RESTORE we focus on supporting your digestive system, decreasing and eliminating the toxins in your body and improving your ability to absorb nutrients. All while enjoying the process of nourishing your mind and body.

It’s time to transform the way you feel so that you are bursting with energy, creativity, happiness and enjoy everything that life has to offer. 

Reduce that belly bloating, improve your skin tone, lose those extra kg's, have more energy and feel happy in your own skin, plus SO MUCH MORE!

What are you waiting for? Join me for RESTORE – Your 30 Day Spring Cleanse, starting Sunday 1st October!


You'll get a great community of support, motivation, delicious recipes, and a simple step-by-step plan to spring clean your body and mind, to set you on the path to optimal health.


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Alchemy of Wellness is committed to providing an excellent service with her clients utmost wellbeing in mind. If at any point a client is not satisfied with the service received, at their request, Alchemy of Wellness will provide further support until a successful result has been achieved. In the unlikely event that this does not happen, Alchemy of Wellness will provide a full refund for the program costs.




Here's what other clients of mine have to say who followed a similar protocol:

“““I would love to recommend Bianca to everyone! Before attending my sessions with her, I felt extremely bloated all the time, hardly ate a lot of food due to this and my endometriosis was at the worse it had ever been. After only a few sessions with Bianca, my symptoms had improved dramatically and I felt like I was on the road to recovery after several years of feeling like this. As a bonus, Bianca recommended an excellent PT so I am now back at the gym! ”

— MK

““Bianca, I meant to say a big thank you for all of your help and answers during this journey! Just looking back at my notes and saving all of the recipes. I have lost another 3.5 kgs during the 6 weeks and getting closer to my goal =) 

I appreciate your time and effort and I feel very ‘renewed’ with so much more knowledge =)”

— JH

“Before the coaching I was not feeling well. I have endometriosis and other health concerns that has been making me feel sick. I decided to begin my health coaching with Bianca because I needed to feel better, just to be myself again, to learn to eat healthy again. To one day start a family and I cant do that with the way I was going. 

I knew that Bianca would set me straight and tell me how it is when I was not having good healthy days and I’m thankful because now I feel healthier and happier knowing that I am putting good foods in my body. 

The biggest difference since I began this coaching is how I view food, how I should be fuelling my body and not be putting junk that will make me have less energy. What I look forward to the most in the future is how I will feel ie. with more energy, losing my weight, finally being happy within myself and one day have a family of my own. To start my own business and having energy for that.”


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When: 01/10/2017 - 01/11/2017

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