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What do we have in mind when we make your jars?


nourishing food, natural ingredients, raw food, always fresh, natural chemical interactions for good, organic as much as we can afford, preserve natural nutrients, sustainable business (recycle/reuse/compost), good mood.


Plastics, preservatives, artficial ingredients, GMO, refined sugar and oils, stress.



  • All the meals are designed to be high in Protein, low GI, and source of vitamins, minerals and good fats. #shakeitgobbleit 

  • We deliver every Sunday & Wednesday

  • Return your jar and get cash back 

The founder says:

As a food engineer I ask everyone to be more aware of what you choose to nourish your body. 
I've created Saladmander to share with you how food can be simple and nutritive. And also, how possible is to eat whatever you like whenever you like and not put weight on when you eat consciously. =) . It's all about finding a balance. @marianapk



Shake it, Gobble it!

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Delivery: Sun & Wed 6-8pm,
Mon 10am-12pm.
Order by 1pm the day before
of the delivery day.