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Funk Cider is the hottest cidery in Australia right now. Created from an offshoot of the Michael Brothers Traditionally Pressed Juice company, Funk Cider lends on cold pressed juicing principles and a natural cider philosophy. The result: A delicious range of preservative free ciders that also include the infusions of passionfruit, coconut, mango, strawberry, lemon and ginger!

Because they are also a cold pressed juicing company they are able to also create new flavours from the local fruit they get, every week! So what is cold pressing and why does it make such a difference? Cold pressing means extracting the juice from fruit without the use of heat, and with minimal oxygenation. Once juice exceeds a temperature of 46 degrees celcius it loses vitamins and enzymes rapidly. So Dustin and Martin use the very same cold pressed apple juice to make their range of delicious, natural, preservative free ciders.

If you thought you knew what cider tasted like before, prepare to be blown away!

Brewer's Profile:
Martin Michael is the head brewer at Funk Cider.
At only age 24, he hails from a farming background having grown up on a wheat & beef farm near the small wheatbelt town of Bolgart, 125km north east of Perth. In 2012, he and his brother Dustin, started a cold pressed juicing company called Michael Brothers, which produces a range of healthy, raw, preservative free juices.

Their passion for fresh, local and "as nature would have intended" was their driver to enter the cider game.
Using minimalist techniques and holding to a philosophy of "the less interference the better" Martin is able to get the fullest expression of flavour from the local fruit they use. And the resulting cider is crisp, fresh and delicious.

So what makes Martin tick? In his own words: "the challenge of holding to a natural philosophy of how cider should be made, the way it had been done for hundreds of years, without the use of preservatives, sulphites or pasteurisation." Further: "We have been told it's simply impossible to produce cider without sulphites (preservatives)."

"Well, we've proved them wrong!"

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