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How can I help you? 

I work with both adults and children to look for underlying causes to current symptoms. I assist with a wide range of illnesses, but you don't have to be sick to come and see me either, because prevention is the best medicine of all. 

Complementary medicine improves your health and vitality in a wholistic manner by seeing you as a whole person, not just an illness. 

It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease, than to know what disease a person has.                                                   — Hippocrates

I listen to you, and your health story. Then together with you, I find ways to help you move forward and become healthier and relieve your uncomfortable symptoms. Many health issues resolve with some targeted diet changes or some simple herbal or nutritional supplements.
Not only will you feel better now, but you will be gifting yourself a healthier future. 

Common conditions I work with are: 

Low immunity
Low energy, stress and fatigue
Women's Hormones, Menopause
Auto-immune conditions
Digestive issues
Skin conditions
Mood disorders
Chronic pain
Children's and teenager's health
Weight management
Healthy Ageing


However almost all conditions can be helped with a better diet, gentle lifestyle changes and some extra support from herbs, superfoods and supplements. Chronic conditions often respond well. I can work alongside your other health practitioners. 


What to expect
Generally people don't suddenly get sick, but become increasingly unwell over a period of time, although it can often be months or years before they seek help. Naturopathy aims to reverse the disease process, and practically speaking, it takes some time to do this.

In our initial consultation I spend an hour or more learning about you and your health issues. I may suggest you get some pathology testing done, which I can refer you for. 

You should be starting to feel better once you implement the suggestions made in the first consultation. However, I aim to provide continual support, encouragement and education over a longer time frame to help you return to health, and maintain it. Naturopathy is not just about getting well, but about staying well and enjoying vitality throughout your life. My rates are inexpensive compared to the medical system, and are designed to be affordable for ongoing health support. 

Graduate Certificate in Evidence-based Complimentary Medicine
Bachelor of Medicine Management with Professional Honours in Complimentary Medicine
Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
Advanced Diplomas of Naturopathy, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine

I work from two clinics. 

1053 Albany Hwy
St James
08 932 3666
on Thursdays & Saturdays. 

Earth Medicine Centre
24 Oldridge St
Hamilton Hill
Mob: 0433 364 654
on Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & some evenings

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Opening Hours

Mon-Wed 10am- 12 midday, 3-6 pm
Thu and Sat 9am-2pm