The Holistic Foodie

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The Holistic Foodie Cooks And Delivers Wholesome And Affordable Meals Straight To Your Door. With Fresh, Nutritious Ingredients And A New Menu Offered Every Three Weeks. The Holistic Foodie Offers Dishes To Tempt Every Tastebud.


All of The Holistic Foodie meals are made Gluten Free and special dietary requirements (Vegan, Paleo, Vegetarian) can be accommodated upon request. Meals are delivered twice weekly (Monday and Thursday) and are all cooked on the same day of delivery. 


The Holistic Foodie is great for those health-conscious but time-poor Perthians who are looking for nutritious meal alternatives. From breakfasts to dinners, all meals are fresh, nourishing and ready to heat and eat. The Holistic Foodie also takes great care to include all meals in biodegradable packaging made from natural, environmentally sourced products. 


Let The Holistic Foodie plan, prepare and deliver your meals and you'll never again have to ask, 'What shall I have for dinner?'

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