The Make Up Factory

A: Australia

At tmf we believe that sustainable, earth friendly and chemical free beauty products are not only possible, but are also kind of vital. We believe in beauty and skincare that doesn’t compromise the health of our clients or our planet. We believe that fashion and ecology are not mutually exclusive and that their collaboration makes way for kind, simple and innovative beauty products. We believe that every woman deserves to look and feel their absolute best and that their beauty routines should give back to their skin. 

Our mission is to create a range of skincare and beauty products that our clients love, and that loves them right back. We strive to source only the highest quality of ingredients to ensure that every single tmf product that you use, leaves you looking and feeling amazing without compromising your own health, or the wellbeing of our environment. At tmf we are all about simple, flawless and inspired beauty routines and products – that every woman can master and that leave her skin, wallet and planet happy.

All products within our tmf range are Australian owned and transitioning to be 100% Australian made (currently 30% is US made and 70% Australian made), cruelty and chemical free, and boast earth friendly packaging.
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