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Stephanie Einhorn

StephI am a holistic kinesiologist and mind body medicine practitioner in Nedlands, Perth. I started off doing a Bachelor of Science at UWA, which I loved, but I still felt like I had so much more to learn about the human mind and body.Read More

Lauren Howe

Goodness Patrol - Lauren
Lauren is an accredited Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coach and the Founder of The Little Wellness Co. Through The Little Wellness Co. Lauren provides individual wellness lifestyling and wellness events specifically designed for the busy professional, working hard to have it all. Read More

Kirsten Murphy

Goodness Patrol - Kirsten
Kirsten is the Co-Owner of Cooee CrossFit in Claremont and creator of the highly successful 21-day nutrition program Highway to Health. Her health and fitness background takes her way back to the early 90s,
Read More

Fin McKenna-Fox

Goodness Patrol - Fin
Fin is the founder of Complete Body Approach; a Holistic Therapy & Movement Based Clinic in West Perth and his passion is empowering clients to take control of their own health, fitness & life by educating them on how to re-connect with themselves and become more aware of their bodies. In doing so, they overcome their weaknesses, injuries, illness, and overall struggles to become the best version of themselves….
Read More

Rhynna VL

Yogi, Yoga teacher, Back-bend enthusiast, sunshine worshipper, vegan, healthy living advocate.

Rhyanna is an international yoga instructor primarily based in Perth, Australia. Her passion is bringing balance, clarity, strength and joy to the day-to-day lives of everybody through the practice of yoga. .Read More

Dr Talia Steed (MBBS)

Dr Talia Steed is a medically trained Counsellor, Writer and Mental Health advocate. Her professional and personal experiences have shaped her holistic and integrative framework to psychological issues that consider wellbeing from a Body, Mind and Spirit perspective. .Read More

Andrea Leber

Goodness Patrol - AndreaAndrea is a health & wellness journalist and yoga guide publisher with 15+ years experience in the publishing industry. Read More

Simone Nicholls

Goodness Patrol - Simone
BSc. Associate Nutritionist, GingerNotes Business Owner & Wellness Blogger.
Simone offers Mindful Health,
Read More

Caitlin Farren

Goodness Patrol - CaitlinI love sharing yoga meditation and awareness. When we shift our perspective on life we start to see the changes we want in life and through a practise of meditation our consciousness
.Read More

Katy Wedin

Goodness Patrol - Katy

Katy is a health coach and founder of The Nourishing Concept, a plant-based health blog. Read More

Megan Hogan

Goodness Patrol - Megan
Megan is an Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) certified health and wellness coach who is dedicated to inspiring others to live a life they love and chase their dreams. Megan helps clients transform their lives by focusing on what they really desire
.Read More

Shauna Upton

Goodness Patrol - Shauna
Shauna is an event coordinator and blogger with a passion for all things fitness and health. Keen to keep things fun and understanding balance is key; Shauna is always trying new fitness classes, give new sports a try and incorporating Perth’s amazing outside spaces into her fitness routine. . Read More

Jennifer Fotheringham

Goodness Patrol - Jennifer

Jen is a certified Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and works with people from all walks of life. Read More

Mel Tascone

Goodness Patrol - PaulaMelanie Tascone from Meltyoga has been practicing various forms of yoga for over 15 years. Mel has experienced first-hand the profound effects of yoga’s spiritual and physical healing powers..Read More

Jen Donovan

Goodness Patrol - JenniferJen is a passionate whole food advocate and health/mummy blogger. With her business Healthy Body Happy Life Jen seeks to share and inspire people to live their healthiest life possible to be as happy as possible. Jen and her husband Dean and their two children Jacob and Lucy live in the Perth Hills in Hidden Valley and practice
.Read More

Lou Brown

Goodness Patrol - Lou Lou Brown is a holistic Health & Wellness Coach and Wellness Workshop presenter who is passionate about preventative health. Drawing on her 17 years experience as a Registered Nurse and using Motivational Interviewing techniques, as well as Coaching, Behaviour Change and Positive Psychology,
.Read More

Rainbow Pammy

Goodness Patrol - Rainbow Pammy
I am a qualified Ashtanga Yoga instructor and children’s development specialist, with an Associate Diploma in Social Science. I was trained under the Reggio Emilia Philosophy and other mindful philosophies during my journey into the study of children’s development. Read More

Bianca MacLachlan

Goodness Patrol - Rainbow Pammy
Bianca is a certified Health Coach and Mindfulness Coach, registered Yoga Teacher and qualified Personal Trainer with an affinity for the word ‘holistic’. She believes that health encompasses all aspects of our being - body, mind and spirit - and that our happiness and vitality lies in nourishing this balance. Read More

Tessa Balnaves

Goodness Patrol - Tessa

I’ve always had a high interest in nutrition and wellness – especially after I was diagnosed with IBS and lactose intolerance. I was on a mission to try every diet under the sun to help my intolerances, but as a result, I lost weight, gained weight, then lost weight again. Read More

Janelle Walters

Goodness Patrol - Janelle Walters
Janelle is a freelance writer and blogger who is passionate about health and living a well balanced life. As a self confessed foodie, Janelle loves trying new places to eat, baking at home and taste testing locally made produce. Read More

Mandie Mitchell

Goodness Patrol - Mandie Mitchell
Mandie is an Australian health and fitness coach following her soul-fuelled guidance living a life of freedom, health and happiness. Read More

Kelly Castlemain

Goodness Patrol - Kelly

Kelly is the co-owner of Reflection of Balance Wellness Retreats, which run in Bali & the South West of WA.

She is a qualified Pilates instructor, level 1 nutrition coach, runs mobile nutrition workshops, corporate sessions and her passion is teaching clients to be mindful in everything they do. Read More

Susannah McAlwey

Goodness Patrol - Susannah

I call myself “The Nourishment Coach” because I believe eating disorders, disordered eating, body image concerns and obsessions with food and weight stem from issues well beyond food and eating. I believe they can be cured by true self nourishment. I delve deeper than nutrition and look at dynamic eating psychology and mind-body nutrition - a new realm focused on nourishing all aspects of your life. Read More

Jess Mariae

Goodness Patrol - Jess
Jess is crazy passionate about holistic and gut health, and is here to inspire wellness and transformations of the mind, body and soul. Read More

Gabrielle Campion

Goodness Patrol - Gabrielle
I’m an Irish journalist far from home and I’m always looking for the next new way to relax and enjoy my free time.
I’ve been exploring how good food affects me and my body for a while, but only recently have come to realise what’s truly right for me. Read More

Emily Bathgate

Goodness Patrol - Emily
Emily is a student Naturopath (BHSc), halfway through her degree at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Perth. Read More

Chanelle Watson

Goodness Patrol - Chanelle
Unlocking the full potential of her health, fitness and wellbeing has been one of Chanelle’s passions since a young age.
Read More

Natalie Bennett

Goodness Patrol - Nat

Since first stepping foot in a kitchen in the late 80’s, I have been on a journey, a culinary process from food from a novice’s perspective, to now where I hold a reverence for one of the most healing or harmful of life’s experiences and non-negotiable facts. Read More

Tracy Omeara Smith

Goodness Patrol - Tracy
Tracy OMeara Smith is the owner and Holistic Consultant at Silverdale Natural Therapy specialising in Flower Essence, Bowen and Tissue Salt Therapy. Silverdale is found within the lush hills of Perth. Read More

Claire Powers

Claire Power is a certified health coach, digital marketer and recipe blogger at HealthyFrenchWife.com . Claire specialises in working with new mums being a new mum herself to twins Eloise and James.Read More

Kahla Jayne Dowler

Goodness Patrol - kahla
Healthy Daize | Inspiration & Organics | Co-Founder Mind.Body.Organic| Founder The Life-Changing Journal.
Read More

Georgia Carter

Goodness Patrol - Georgia
Georgia is passionate about cultivating and inspiring self love & personal growth through living a healthy lifestyle! Read More


Put simply, the NOOD philosophy is about re-educating people about what we are putting into our bodies and the importance of leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Read More

Cara Little

Goodness Patrol - Cara Cara Little is a local Perth Pharmacist and the founder of Pure Home Body. Read More

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