6 Non-Physical Benefits of Exercise

6 Non-Physical Benefits of Exercise


If you care for your body, you begin to love your body. And when you love your body, you want to care for it. It is a beautiful cycle of nurturing self-love and regaining self-confidence. Here are Kelsey’s Six Non-Physical Benefits of Exercise:

1. Post-workout High

Yes, this is 100% a real thing thanks to little hormones you may have heard of – adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin. And guess what?! Some studies suggest that it may take only about 30 minutes of continuous exercise to experience a boost in all three.

2. Better Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation (and tons of other research), people who exercise regularly can experience significantly better sleep AND feel more alert during the day. Yes, please!

3. Less Stress

Getting your sweat can increase concentrations of norepinephrine, a neurochemical (brain chemical) that is believed to moderate the brain’s response to stress!

4. Brain Power

Exercise can help to literally create new brain cells (neurogenesis) and improve brain performance overall! Regular exercise may also help to boost memory.

5. More Energy

Exercise can improve cardiovascular health and circulation to the heart, which in turn can help to boost your energy levels.

6. More Self-confidence!

As you begin to work out regularly, you may begin to achieve your goals and your confidence will grow. Even before you begin to reach physical goals, simply accomplishing your goal to exercise each day can jumpstart your confidence.

Take care of yourself because you love yourself. If you are having a hard time finding that love for yourself, then begin taking care of yourself and watch it start to blossom.

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Image: Kelsey Wells


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