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In many ways your business’ aesthetic is almost as important as the service or product it provides. In this world of hyper-marketing and incredible saturation of brands, consumers are forced more and more to make purchase decisions based on first impression – otherwise known as judging a book by its cover.

With trends rapidly changing, it may be the case that you need to redesign your business. This can reinvigorate your brand and breathe new life into your sales. However, there are some important things to consider before getting started.

Why do you want to redesign?

You may feel like it’s time to redesign your business, but do you actually understand the reason why? It’s essential to have a clear idea of what issues you have with your current image first. Analyse the key issues you have and document them. Make sure that there is actually good reason to redesign, rather than an impulse.

Pay close attention to any feedback you’ve received from consumers. Is there anything about your image that they feel doesn’t relate well to your brand? Is there something you are not doing that they feel you should be? Designing your business should be focused on better aligning it with your target market.

What message do you want to convey?

Having analysed the reasons why you need to redesign, it’s important to determine the message behind your planned new look. A clear vision of the message you want to convey with your business image is crucial to guiding the design process and ensuring it is targeted towards the tastes of your customers.

To what scale do I need to redesign?

Redesigning your business can be very simple or very complex. It may involve simply implementing new images in your website or it could involve completely redesigning your logo, branding and/or store decor.

It’s important to understand what scale of redesign is best for your business, taking into account your available budget and projected profit over the long term.

Should you do this yourself or outsource?

It’s very tempting to try and do everything yourself, particularly considering the wealth of free tools available on the internet. It’s certainly much cheaper than paying a design company hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. But is this the correct choice?

This decision is greatly influenced by both the scale of the redesign and your own personal skill set. If it is a large-scale redesign, it’s strongly recommended to seek the help of a design team. Not only are they likely more skilled and have a better understanding of what needs to be done, but they will also be able to dedicate the time needed while you are busy with the day-to-day running your business. It can also be hugely valuable to have an objective eye cast over the project, unaffected by any personal biases.


  • Your business’ aesthetic is a vital element of engaging with consumers
  • If you want to successfully redesign your business, you must have a clear understanding of the reasons why such a change is necessary
  • Identify a core message that you want to convey with your proposed new design, that positions it better with the tastes of your consumers
  • Consider the required size of your redesigning project and whether outsourcing to a designer is necessary

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