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August 1, 2021 – September 23, 2021 all-day
Surge Fitness Kings Square
Perth WA 6000

Lose fat, build muscle and have fun…all in time for summer!

Event Description

8 Week Warrior Challenge

Do you want to loose weight, build muscle or feel good?

Do you want to get in shape for summer?

Do you want to increase your energy levels?

Do you want to get your confidence back?

Are you tired of wasting money on fitness programs and diets that do not work?

Are you ready to join a safe, professional environment with certified coaches to hold you accountable and guide you along the way?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above it sounds like you are ready to Join the Resistance.


What’s included?

Cost: $275 (Early Bird)

8 Weeks Access to Surge Fitness Kings Square and all club facilities
3 x TFW 8 Week Challenge Classes on our TFW timetable taught by a certified TFW Level 1 Instructor
8 Weeks Access to Warrior Tracker App (Track/Log Workouts, Challenges, TFW Community)
8 Weeks nutrition support and Warrior 20 Nutition Guide
TFW Shirt
TFW Wristband
TFW Evaluation
Before/After pics and measurments
Access to Exclusive TFW workshops
Access to Coaches mailing list for weekly tips and motivation

What is TFW Perth?
TFW Perth is one of 250 affiliate locations, in 30 countries, offering the Training for Warriors system to thousands of people everyday.

We are the very first affiliate to bring the program to WA and are proud to offer the TFW system exclusively to members of Surge Fitness Kings Square, located in the heart of Perth CBD.

Whatever your current fitness level, TFW can help you. Even though TFW once increased the performance and self-esteem of the world’s top athletes, anyone can benefit from the TFW system.

At TFW we believe you are a warrior too. TFW defines a warrior as anyone prepared to work hard, develop oneself and take on his or her particular challenges in life. The fun and exciting workouts of the TFW system are designed to help you develop the muscular strength and mental fortitude needed to take on those challenges and reach your fitness goals.

Any gym can have equipment and offer workouts. What separates the TFW system from other training programs is its culture. Although TFW encompasses signature warmups, speed training, strength training, endurance training, flexibility work and nutrition all based on a comprehensive evaluation process, the most important component of the system is its motivational approach and family environment.

At TFW, we know if you don’t have fun and enjoy the training, you won’t do it. TFW is not designed as a sport or competition, but focuses on you competing against and bettering your body, mind and spirit.

As a member of Surge Fitness Kings Square you will be able to access all thatTFW Perth has to offer.

Program Specifics: The philosophy of the TFW program is to encourage participants to make an effort in all of the following areas: strength training, metabolic training, speed training, nutrition, and flexibility.

The classes are programmed as a combination of Strength Days and Hurricane Days (metabolic). Both include comprehensive warm-up routines and all feature on our group fitness timetable.

8 Week Warrior
Coming Soon- Starts 1st August 2016

Structure of program:

Week Prior to starting: TFW Evaulations and Measurments

Week 1
Type of exercise/lessons: Strength, upper body
Day 1 : TFW Warm up and physical testing
Day 2 : Total Body Strength
Day 3 : Energy Circuit
Week 2
Type of exercise/lessons: Cardio, core
Day 4 : Hurricane
Day 5 : Total Body Strength
Day 6 : Energy Circuit
Week 3
Type of exercise/lessons
Day 7 : Hurricane
Day 8 : Total Body Strength
Day 9 : Sprint & Tabata Day
Week 4
Type of exercise/lessons
Day 10 : Hurricane
Day 11 : Total Body Strength
Day 12 : Energy Circuit
Week 5
Type of exercise/lessons
Day 13 : Hurricane
Day 14 : Total Body Strength
Day 15 : Sprint & Kettlebell Circuit
Week 6
Type of exercise/lessons
Day 16 : Hurricane
Day 17 : Total Body Strength
Day 18 : Energy Circuit
Week 7
Type of exercise/lessons
Day 19 : Hurricane
Day 20 : Total Body Strength
Day 21 : Sprints & Timed Event
Week 8
Type of exercise/lessons
Day 22 : Hurricane
Day 23 : Total Body Strength
Day 24 : Weighing, retest & presentation

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