HIIP is the latest fitness trend you need to know, here’s why

HIIP is the latest fitness trend you need to know, here’s why


So you’ve tried Pilates and realised that it is, in fact, quite the challenge. Gone are the days where Pilates is passed off as a series of slow stretches - or a routine exclusively for women - these days, all the top sports athletes incorporate Pilates into their training and rehabilitation. From LeBron James to Roger Federer - experts are taking note!

Pilates can change your posture, performance and pain pattern - and therefore change your life. Once you’re hooked on this style of exercise, what comes next? The answer to that, my friends, is HIIP.

HIIP stands for High Intensity Interval Pilates. Whilst most Pilates classes are a combo of fast, challenging and fun movements designed for TBT (total body toning) - this particular session is designed to really burn - both calories AND physically.

A HIIP class incorporates traditional Pilates moves and takes them to the next level - planking on sliding discs, using heavy ankle weights or dumbbells, and short bursts of cardiac movements. Peaches Pilates in Sydney (Maroubra + Bondi) who coined the HIIP term set up their class up as a circuit, with each station hosting a high intensity Pilates exercise. Stations range from 30-60 seconds, and target not only your major muscle groups, but the smaller, important ones that are essential to injury prevention and posture improvement.

We love this style of training because not only are you done and dusted within 30 minutes, but you’ve managed to gain the whole body tingle that comes from a regular Pilates class AND sweated your goddamn Peach off - dang! It’s a wham, bam, thank you m’am session that delivers results - WITHOUT the pain and injuries so often associated with high impact exercise. What’s not to love?

The beauty of instilling Pilates principles into a circuit style workout is that you get results on both sides of the playing field. You’re completing the functional movements the physio always nags you about - and you’re getting an entire body burn on.

If you’re not in Sydney you can check out a HIIP-style workout at Rafters Mind Body Air in Perth, and we are on the hunt for HIIP in other states, too.

If feeling the burn online is more your thing, there’s an online Total Body Toning program which is perfect for everyone. Whether you’re just starting to get fit, are in need of a routine to complement your training and prevent injuries, or are constantly travelling - this one will have you covered! There’s no subscriptions or expiry - just your own private Pilates instructor through the screen!



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