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Opening Hours

Monday12–3PM, 5:30–9:30PM
Tuesday12–3PM, 5:30–9:30PM
Wednesday12–3PM, 5:30–9:30PM
Thursday12–3PM, 5:30–9:30PM
Friday12–3PM, 5:30–10:30PM
Saturday12–3PM, 5:30–10:30PM
Sunday12–3PM, 5:30–9:30PM


Green Gourmet - Newtown

Green Gourmet – Newtown

Since 1998, Green Gourmet has been creating 100% plant-based meals and banquets free from meat, dairy, onion, garlic, chives or shallots.  Now with restaurants in Newtown and St Leonards, Green Gourmet offers a daily lunch buffet, daily dinner buffet and an extensive yum cha lunch on weekends that can be cooked to order during the week.  Low gluten and gluten free options are available.  Meat alternatives of fried taro, yams, seaweed protein and tofu are offered as traditional Chinese meals – think sweet & sour ‘fish’, honey and lemon king ‘prawn’ and BBQ King Roast ‘pork’ to name a few. There are loads of choices on the menu and the omnivores and die-hard carnivores will be amazed at the dishes available.  In 2000, Vegan’s Choice Grocery store opened next door to the Newtown restaurant where customers could purchase restaurant quality prepared meals.  In 2008, a vegan cake café was added to satisfy the sweet-tooths.  Green Gourmet’s online store includes vegan macaroons, cakes and desserts.

You can find us at https://www.greengoodnessco.com.au/sydney/food/best-vegan-cafes-sydney/

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