Redefining how to unwind with Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

Redefining how to unwind with Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat


More of us than ever are struggling with stress, which may come as no surprise considering that we live in an ‘always on’ age, where lines between work and rest become ever more blurred. If you add a busy home life, with an ever-growing inbox at work and a continued stream of social demands, plus a mobile phone that never stops over stimulating, it’s no surprise that burnout may be close behind.

So, how do you regain balance and embrace rest and recuperation when life delivers so many unavoidable demands? The answer could be leaving it all behind for a little while, and mentally and physically pressing the re-set button. But is that really possible I hear you cry! Well yes, it is, and it’s closer than you think.

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is an Australian owned and operated lifestyle retreat, that stands apart in a busy world as a sanctuary; a wellness destination designed to soothe your soul and inspire you to live a healthier life. This ecotourism certified haven sits high on a plateau on over 200 hectares in a hidden region of the Tallebudgera Valley, with breathtaking views of the coast and surrounding valleys. It’s a wellness hub full of supportive professionals who behold the skills to help teach you how to build resilience in the modern world. The added beauty is that you can go at your own pace, choosing how much or how little you wish to do.

For those wishing to escape the stressful rat race feeling of life, or just wanting to take time out from the everyday and experience a different pace, Gwinganna is the ideal health retreat to enable you to reconnect with your soul and find that inner peace. It’s the perfect combination of organic living, with a blissful spa, movement and relaxation, delicious organic cuisine and vital wellness seminars in a dedicated low-tech environment. Fully inclusive packages can be tailored depending on your requirements, ranging from two to seven days in length.

Gwinganna’s exclusive customised environment is well regarded globally for its transformative effect on guests’ lifestyle habits. It’s a wellness haven that is specifically designed to assist you during any withdrawals from the world in a beautifully isolated environment, providing a cocoon from external distractions and stress. A visit to Gwinganna is a commitment to stay on retreat and respect their philosophy, so they can help you re-evaluate lifestyle habits that do not foster wellness, energy and calmness.

The retreat offers a range of activities to encourage resistance training. This helps the body to perform a combination of stability, functional movement, balance, core strength, and flexibility movements. They consider the whole body’s system to ensure that each program offers a balance to regulate hormones. Activities aim to reduce any overload on the adrenal system that may compound pre-existing stress related symptoms, making their program ideal to assist in the management of lifestyle stress.

A typical day on the resort starts with an early morning watching of the sun rise out of the ocean whilst practicing the ancient art of Qi Gong, a restorative moving meditation. A choice of hikes and walks before breakfast are then available to choose from, helping to kick-start your day. Post a delicious and nutritious breakfast, there is a further variety of activities to choose from, incorporating Gwinganna’s own yin and yang approach to movement.

Yin activities includes the likes of Qi gong, yoga, Pilates, stretching and creative dance, all led by dedicated and passionate teachers who will assist you to develop skills for life balance and functional movement. Yan activities comprise of fun and super effective aqua sessions, challenging hikes and scenic walks. Indoor options include bosu and fitball classes, boxing circuits, indoor cycling and various innovative training options. Each day, guests are encouraged to really listen to their body’s needs and do the activities that best align with how they are feeling/what they need.

Most mornings then round off with one of the resort’s fantastic wellness seminars, another aspect which makes Gwinganna so unique. Their presenters are experienced, highly skilled and always ready to share the latest information in their field.

Each afternoon, guests are then invited to totally switch off and embrace one of the fundamental elements of better wellbeing: strategic rest. What better an environment to do this in than the exclusive indoor/outdoor 33 room Spa Sanctuary, the largest spa in the Southern Hemisphere nonetheless!

From the beautiful surrounds and landscaping to the creative and environmentally sensitive architecture, Gwinganna’s Spa Sanctuary is designed to give you a totally blissed out experience. It combines an elevated outdoor deck and lounge which overlooks a native spa garden and surrounding trees and includes a sublime Crystal Steam Room and custom designed treatment rooms.

You can tailor to your needs and choose from their extensive range of wellness services, from naturopathy to stress and emotional wellness, or book a session with their experts in functional movement and physical activity.

Many of us know that good nutritious and delicious food can also aid in restoring our body back to its equilibrium, so Gwinganna’s food philosophy centers around seasonal, local, organic whole foods with much of the produce harvested daily from their extensive onsite gardens.

Menus vary with each program and are designed in conjunction with their on-site nutritionist. Dishes served are all gluten free and dairy free, with the aim being to help support and improve digestion and liver detoxification, reduce inflammation, improve gut bacteria and balance blood sugar levels. Ingredients focus on low human intervention (LHI) where the food has undergone minimal or no changes from its place in nature to create an ideal balance between macro and micronutrients. This allows your body’s biochemistry to convert food into what it needs for optimum health and prevention of major lifestyle diseases. The retreat very much encourages mindful eating which means to slow down, be in the moment and be truly aware of the food you are eating and the impact it has on your health and wellbeing.

With other state of the art facilities on site, including a Gymnasium, Mind Body Pavilion (for yoga and dance), tennis courts, Amphitheatre, Wellness Centre ( One of the original buildings on the property which has been restored into a dispensary for herbs and supplements, and consultation rooms for naturopathy, nutrition and various wellness therapies), and Lap pool and sauna, this has to be one of the best locations to experience absolute relaxation!

So, if you’re in serious need of a de-frazzle, why not check out the Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat website? And then ditch the tech for a blissful experience like no other!


If you are in Perth, Sydney, Auckland or Wellington you may be lucky enough to catch them in your city. To find out more head to event details here.


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