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Opening Hours

Tuesday 9 am - 8.30 pm
Wednesday 9 am - 8.30 pm
Thursday 9 am - 8.30 pm
Friday 9 am - 7 pm
Saturday 9 am - 8 pm
Sunday 9 am - 8 pm


Muna Osteopathy And Wellness

Muna Osteopathy And Wellness

At Muna, we are committed to providing a holistic approach to wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

Our greatest joy is in seeing our patient’s lives transform through the healing power of traditional, hands-on techniques as well as energy healing and spiritual coaching. We believe in combining different practitioners to help meet the needs of our patients, aiding them in achieving a healthier, happier lifestyle that they’ve always wanted to live.

We regard treatments in a broad and holistic approach by looking at the entire person (including musculoskeletal health, vascular health, nerve health, and mental health) as well as assessing the patient’s external environment (including workplace activity, lifestyle, diet, hobbies, and mode of injury).

After we have determined the cause of our patient’s symptoms, the treatment will include some hands-on work that may include functional movement, joint manipulation, muscle-energy techniques, soft tissue mobilization techniques, rehabilitation programs, and more gentle craniosacral techniques. Regardless of what we do, each treatment is completely dependent on what the patient is presenting with and we at Muna work together to filling those needs, physically, emotionally and mentally.

At Muna, we specialize in Osteopathy but also offer services in Life Coaching, Naturopathy, Remedial massage, Intuitive counseling, and Reiki.

Are you suffering from any of the following?

• Neck and shoulder pain
• Headaches or migraines
• Postural pain and tensions
• Low back pain and/or sciatica
• Knee and hip pain
• Pre and post pregnancy discomfort
• Sporting injuries

Get in touch with our Muna Team to see how we can help!

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