Find Your Inner Rhythm with Perth’s Answer to the Soul Cycle Craze

Find Your Inner Rhythm with Perth’s Answer to the Soul Cycle Craze


Up for a little adrenaline rush and a darn good time? You MUST check out LA Fit Studio’s amazing Ride classes. Like seriously though. Their Rhythm Ride classes are a hotspot for getting motivated and encouraging those natural endorphins to flow. Need more convincing? Here are eight reasons you should learn to ride your heart out. Let’s get physical!

#1 It Has ALL The Feels

And by that, we mean the good feels. Match the motivating soundtrack with LA Fit’s inspiring instructors and this is one lean, mean journey to boosting your energy levels and elevating your mental state all day long. This Ride journey gives you a cardio high, and best of all you can burn anywhere from 400 to 600-plus calories depending on your intensity and your experience `in the saddle. Toned, terrific AND happy? Yes pls.

#2 You’ll Pedal To Killer Beats

Had a bad day? Feeling low? Sluggish AF? LA Fit’s jams will help give you a jump-start. The music in a Ride class is no accident, my friend. Rhythm plays a huge role in the rhythm ride workout and allows you to tune out of the technical and into the journey. There’s nothing like keeping pace with a good beat and seeing everyone else around you on the same count to motivate your moves. Plus science says so – with research showing you’ll work out harder when listening to music at a faster tempo. Each instructor has their own style, so try them all to find whose playlist taste really gets your heart racing. The instructors change up the music on the regular so you don’t know what to expect next. You’ll not only feel the rhythm at LA Fit’s Ride class, you’ll #betherhythm.

#3 You’ll Ride or Die With Your Pack

LA Fit has a real sense of community, so you’ll Ride as a collective and share the journey. While riding solo can have its “quiet time” benefits, the energy you feel from your Ride pack is contagious. The fab instructors (like Zac, Kelly and Bex) bring their A-Game (and enthusiasm is infectious). They are about entertaining, interacting with the pack and having a great time. You’ll be so busy sweating up a storm and bouncing to the beat with your crew that 45 minutes will fly by!

#4 You’ll Push Yourself to the Max, But Not Overkill

Ride classes aren’t just made for those who froth on Jacob’s Ladder, back-to-back HIIT sessions and get bored in Body Attack. While some of your pack will be out and proud cardio junkies, the rest will be of all levels of fitness, body types and ages (besides, in a dark room there’s nobody checking you out!). Ride is high intensity interval training, varying in speed and resistance, but the choreography is always optional. You can tailor the workout to suit your fitness level so you’ll definitely be challenged but never about to drop off your bike. Best of all, you’ll have your heart-rate going up and down and burn more calories in less time.

#5 Anyone Can Fit In 45

LA Fit know y’all lead busy lives and don’t have hours to spend in the gym. Ride offers results-driven, intense classes in just 45 minutes. And, just ‘cos they’re all about balance – you can enjoy all that life has to offer if you dedicate time to YOU in the studio. You only need to come a few times a week to make you super shred but you’ll WANT to come because the classes make you feel amaze too. Thanks to the music and the lighting changes, you’ll never have a dull moment. If you come to class ready to Show Up then your 45-minutes of Ride could feel as fast as 20.

#6 You’ll Get A Full-Body Workout

It’s not just the bottom half! While cycling is clearly great for your legs, different methods focus on giving riders more of a total-body burn. Rhythm ride offers some upper-body work and allows you to tone muscles that you may have not even known you had, while still sculpting your pins. Through understanding the right techniques from your expert instructors, you’ll get an ace core workout and a side of arms too. Choosing to Ride doesn’t mean trading in your barbells for cleats – you may still want to complement your Ride results with other workouts – like Megaformer or a combo class – but adding Ride to your regimen a few times a week will advance your fitness and you’ll lean out (not bulk up) some killer legs.

#7 You’ll Fall For The Cult Of Ride (in a good way)

Ride is a unique, intense experience and devotees find it becomes a culture and an integral part of their lifestyle. As the original (and best) Ride class in Perth, LA Fit Studio was the first to offer Rhythm Ride and, while cookie-cutter RPM and army-Sarge technical Spin are all offered all about town, Ride reigns supreme with its savvy sounds and mind-body connection. LA Fit has styled their classes so that everyone has a bit of fun – nobody takes themselves too seriously.

#8 You Came Tired, But You’ll Leave Fired

You’ll skip outta class light as a feather – feeling euphoric – and it’s an energy high that sticks with you long after the ride is over. The instructors ensure that last track goes out on a high note and you leave ready to meet your day (or night) on the front foot.

Need A ‘Lil Motivator, Friend?

Use code GOODNESS to score 5 Ride classes in 2 weeks for $50 (save a whopping $125!). Valid until 30 June.

Head to this link to claim promotion.

LA Fit Studio Subiaco

319 Hay Street

Subiaco, WA 6008

9380 4249

LA Fit Studio Highgate

91 Brisbane Street

Highgate, WA 6000

9227 9070

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