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Happy Healthy

Happy Healthy

Happy Healthy, where food and fitness combine!

A business built on helping people become happier and healthier through the knowledge, understanding and passion of food and fitness. Making the process as fun, simple and enjoyable as possible!

At Happy Healthy we understand that, if it is not enjoyable, then why would people do it?

Director of Happy Healthy, Jessica Lowe is a qualified Wellness Coach, qualified in both nutrition and personal training. She is passionate about all things food & fitness. Coach J Lowe uses this passion to motivate and inspire others to change their lifestyle forever, by showing that good nutrition and daily fitness can be fun, simple and enjoyable resulting in living happier and healthier lives!

The Happy Healthy business brings you many services such as wellness coaching, nutrition coaching, body composition reviews, meal plans, personal training and cooking classes. Mainly working with individuals, corporates and in collaboration with fitness gyms assisting with Nutrition. All the Happy Healthy services on offer are guaranteed to be fun, inspiring, insightful and most of all give you a holistic approach to your personal wellness, meaning everyone can enjoy a happier & healthier life.

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