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Ripple Retreats

Ripple Retreats

Ripple Retreats one-day yoga and meditation retreats are held in a beautiful, serene garden venue right in the heart of East Fremantle. The Directors and co-creators of Ripple Retreats are Debbie and Ryoka Elton, a heart centred and dynamic mother and daughter team from Perth. Their goal is to help attendees nourish their body with yoga, raw foods, and fresh juices and balance their mind and heart with breathing, deep relaxation practices, meditation and more.

If you feel like you’re running on empty, the retreats are the perfect recharge and rebalance solution. Each retreat includes: fresh juices; whole food morning tea and lunch; 5 educational and experiential sessions; and a 10-day post retreat integration package (online) to help anchor and extend the ripples.

Ryoka and Debbie’s capacity to synthesise knowledge, wisdom and best practice from fields such as Naturopathy and Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness, Life Coaching, Positive Psychology and Stress Management has seen them touch and uplift the lives of hundreds of Retreat guests over the years.

Book your place today and get ready to learn FIVE core principles of wellness inspired by yoga, meditation and naturopathic philosophy!

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