What’s The Deal With Sound Healing and Where to Try it in Perth

What’s The Deal With Sound Healing and Where to Try it in Perth


Sound healing – we’ve all heard of it. But do we know what a sound healing Perth session actually looks like and how it works? Sound has been an essential tool for healing for thousands of years in various different cultures. By providing a stable frequency that the brainwave can tune into, sound healing can shift us from a normal Beta state to a relaxed Alpha state, the meditative Theta or sleepy Delta state. It is in these states that the therapeutic benefits of sound healing occur. Each sound healing session looks a little different. You might find a combination of sound healing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, wood and even crystal digeridoos. All of the above instruments produce a deep resonant sound that clients listen to most often while lying down in a comfortable position.

Modern science now acknowledges the ancient practice of sound healing as beneficial. Biophysicist Gerald Oster found in the 1970s that when each ear hears two slightly different tones, the variation causes the brain to create its own internal tone. Known as the binaural beat, this variation synchronizes the brain waves. This is also called “brain-wave entrainment.” In 2008, the Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine published findings of 20 studies of brain-wave entrainment. Positive patient outcomes showed that brain wave entrainment was an effective tool for healing. It is helpful particularly in areas of cognitive function such as headaches, pain, stress and premenstrual syndrome. Now we know a little bit more about sound healing, but there’s no substitute for actually experiencing it. So if you’re still curious, here are four places to try it in Perth.


The Sound Temple

Perth Hills

Inspired by the design of a native American tipi, The Sound Temple has taken its cues from sacred spaces throughout history. With a natural wood interior, this little slice of serenity in the hills has been a popular sound healing retreat since 2013. They have plenty of offers on their calendar — from sound healing on the full moon to kirtan devotional singing and guided meditation. It’s perfect for anyone who’s open to trying something new or for veterans of sound healing who are looking for a new retreat. Check out their full calendar here.



Canning Vale

Having recently changed their name from “Echoes”, Satori will be re-opening their newly refurbished and improved studio on July 1st. Using the gongs and digeridoo, these traditionally ceremonial instruments promote deep relaxation and the release of old, blocked up energy that we might be carrying. They offering pure gong sessions, didgeridoo sessions, crystal spiral sound circles and lunar sessions timed with the moon. You can find more info about their timetable, what they do and how it works here.


One Tribe Sound Healing

Beacon Yoga Centre

Held every week at 7.30—9 pm, One Tribe Sound healing invites you to “dive deep into the tranquility of your soul.” With a different theme each week, they use digeridoos, Tibetan gongs and drumming instruments to help facilitate deep meditation. Bring $30 in cash with you as they don’t do eftpos and a bottle of water. You’ll find more info here.


Sound Alchemy Perth

All Over Perth

From crystal digeridoos, Tibetan singing bowls and even a sitar, you’ll find Julian Silburn sharing his gift of sound healing all over Perth. You can find him at Bodhi J health spa, Yoga West in Shenton Park and The Fremantle Yoga Center. Using sound to restore balance, you can expect a peaceful and soothing experience that will leave you with a cleansing feeling. You’ll find more info on his timetable and venues here.


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