Stripping Down With Rosie Rees ….. Part 2

Stripping Down With Rosie Rees ….. Part 2


It’s been a while since we caught up with this beautiful soul that is Rosie Rees. A Singles & Relationship Coach, Nude Yoga Teacher, Yoni Egg e-tailer, Kundalini Yoga enthusiast, and blogger. WOW, is there anything this woman isn’t doing!


Since last chatting with you, we’ve noticed you’ve taken Australia by storm by touring with your nude yoga workshops. What’s the general feedback been?

Incredibly positive! I now tour Australia twice a year (usually in the warmer months of October and February) and soon to be the U.S. and N.Z. in May/June next year! The feedback I receive from women after the workshop blows my mind. I’ve had women who’ve suffered from years of eating disorders, self-hatred, self-harm, and body dysmorphia completely change their view of their body and their relationship with themselves dramatically shifts from loathing to love.

It’s a seriously powerful three-hour workshop getting naked & vulnerable on the yoga mat in a heated, candle-lit space. Being naked is our most natural state of being, so it still baffles me that something as simple as getting naked can be so unbelievably profound. But unfortunately, with the $65 billion beauty industry breathing down our neck telling us to be skinnier, prettier, younger, sexier - most women never feel good enough. I simply allow women a safe space to experience being seen, heard and felt in an honoring space - the nude part is designed to get women out of their comfort zone and to metaphorically shed what no longer serves.

Which city did you get the best reaction from?

When I first started touring 3 years ago, Brisbane and Melbourne received me with open arms and were the first cities to sell out, with Sydney women being a little more conservative and tentative to strip down. This year, however, I filled up three workshops in Sydney and the response has been overwhelmingly receptive compared to earlier years. It just goes to show that women are warming up to the idea of being vulnerable (it’s our super-power!), and are willing to step out of their comfort zone to love and accept their bodies.

What have you found women have been gaining from it?

Women become tremendously more feminine and comfortable in their own skin. Their overall self-confidence and self-esteem dramatically increase. They become more loving and kind towards themselves and less critical and judgemental of other women. They feel empowered and like they can do anything they put their mind to (because hey, if they can do Nude Yoga…anything is possible). And believe it or not, but most women feel more alive, embodied and sensual in the bedroom and often report having the best sex (or self-pleasure) of their life after a naked yoga session!  We have also had three different women conceive after a Nude Yoga workshop because for the first time in years she has been vulnerable with her partner and they made love rather than going through the motions.

Why all these transformations? Because the women feel more at home in their bodies and they have let go of so many inhibitions, fears, barriers, bullshit and masculine armor that has built up over time. Women think they are coming to do yoga naked, but after a few minutes in the workshop, they realise they are getting much, much more than that.

What is the number one question you get asked by beginners?

It’s usually a practical question like “how are the yoga mats set out?”, “how advanced is the yoga?”, “do you see bums in faces?”, “Is it really bright in there!?” or “can I wear underwear?”.

Depending on the space, I set the mats out in a circle (so no bums in faces) and we practice a very gentle, feminine flowing yoga session designed for bare beginners (pun intended!). The lights are off and we are just illuminated by candles. And no, you can’t wear undies! hahah that would defeat the purpose.


What is the biggest misconception about nude yoga you’ve found along the way?

Men think it’s a sexual thing (like an orgy or something!). And women think it’s the most horrifying thing they could possibly ever do (until they come and realise it’s the most empowering thing they could ever do!).

To be honest, it’s not really about the “yoga”; I use yoga as the bridge to bring women together, however, the workshop is more about the experience of vulnerability, and bringing women back into their feminine. I am normalising nudity and educating people that nudity does not equal sexuality, even though this is what we have been conditioned to believe.

You have also launched your range of Yoni eggs! Break it down for those who don’t know, what are exactly they?

Yes! About the same time I launched Nude Yoga, I released a range of Yoni Egg products, which had fascinated me at a workshop I attended in Bali in 2014.

Yoni eggs are basically egg-shaped crystals that you wear inside your vagina for 30 minutes a day to assist with pelvic floor strength, bladder control, incontinence, numbness and regaining sensitivity after childbirth, trauma or operations that have left the “yoni” in pain or completely desensitised.  For me personally, they have helped me connect to my sexuality in a non-goal-oriented way, tone my pelvic floor muscles and become more orgasmic! Before using the eggs I could only have a clitoral orgasm (like most women) and since using them I am able to have deeper, more expensive vaginal orgasms that go through my whole body. I consider it my own private Self Love Practice.

So what’s with the pleasure wand? Is plastic out and are crystals in?

Vibrators, when used consistently, de-sensitize the nerve endings in the clitoris causing vaginal numbness and even an addiction! Over time, women begin to heavily rely on the vibrator to reach an orgasm and will also need to use them for longer periods of times to feel anything. I was victim to this when I first discovered sex toys in my early 20s, hence the reason why I designed a line of dildos that don’t typically “vibrate” but they certainly hold a beautiful energetic “vibration” - and I have a lot more sensation now than I did then!

What are the benefits?

As with anything to do with sexuality, there is often a lot of shame and guilt woven in, particularly around masturbation.

I remember one of the first emails I received from a woman who had used the Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand (our best seller) for the first time. She wrote in: “for the first time in my life I didn’t feel dirty after masturbating! I felt re-charged, energized and loved-up by my own self-love!”

And this is essentially how women feel after using our products. Since it’s a natural material from Mother Earth, it feels like the crystal becomes part of you and you get into such an erotic, sensual, hypnotic state that it’s impossible to feel any guilt, shame or taboo around self-pleasure.

On a practical level, our yoni eggs and pleasure wands are completely natural with no dyes, chemicals, plastics, metals, toxic BPA or phthalates (unlike some plastic sex toys), which are known to play a factor in disrupting the endocrine system and may a part in disease, cancer, and infertility.

For me personally, I will only put something natural inside my yoni. We make sure all our products are completely smooth and although they are essentially all imperfect and breakable (if you drop it on the ground) they won’t break inside you.

So how do we go about choosing our crystal type?

I like to tell my clients and customers that ‘the crystal chooses you’ and to be intuitively guided when choosing your crystal.

I encourage women if they live in Perth, to book an appointment to come and see me in my Fremantle loft to personally choose their own yoni egg or wand. Each crystal is so unique so it’s a beautiful experience to select one that you connect with.

Our most popular crystal egg is the Nephrite Jade Egg, which helps bring about prosperity, abundance, fertility, and vitality. And our most popular wand is the Rose Quartz, which brings about unconditional love, heals the heart chakra and helps amplify compassion, joy, peace, and love. If you’re needing something with a bit more oomph than the Black Obsidian is all about releasing negative energy, protection, and grounding.

Can you give us any tips for women to self-pleasure?

I have an incredible private Facebook group called the ‘Yoni Pleasure Palace’ with a community of almost 2000 women, which I encourage women to join! It’s a safe place to ask about anything sex, self-pleasure, yoni eggs or menstruation.

I recently asked women about their self-pleasure practice — how they do it when they do it, why they do it, what kind of orgasms they have etc. and I had hundreds of comments from women explaining their unique self-pleasure practice. It made me realise just how different we all are!

I like to create a warm, welcoming nest-like environment in my bedroom to surrender into myself - I call it my “medibation” practice. I will play soft music, dim the lights, diffuse some oils and put the heater on to feel open and warm. Sometimes I will use an egg or a wand, and other times I won’t use anything and instead lovingly caress my body with Yoni Elixir oil (a gorgeous body oil we now stock!).

What are your proudest achievements since catching up with you previously?

This year I created a wholesale and affiliate arm to my business so that I can share my products with more women around the world. I love creating a community and inspiring entrepreneurial women to expand their business by selling high quality, sacred products to their tribe. Over the years I’ve noticed more and more women empowered in their sexuality aligning with these products, so from this demand I created an effective way for women to stock our superb Yoni Pleasure Palace products so they can share with their networks and inspire more women.

Tell us what’s to come in your world?  Any new trends that we should be keeping our eye open?

I continue to hold monthly workshops here in Perth and in October I am back on the road touring with Women’s Nude Yoga workshops to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

This year I have branched into exhibiting YPP products at expo conventions, so in November I will be showcasing at the Conscious Living Expo in Perth as well as Sexpo in Melbourne.

What events do you have coming up?

I have some super exciting stuff coming up in 2017 and 2018 including a Nude Yoga facilitator training in Bali, a Yoni Egg e-book, a U.S. tour and an online course called NAKED AWAKENING. Watch this space…


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