About Green Goodness Co

“To educate, engage and inspire health and wellness for all in our community”

We believe that inspiring health creates happiness.

Green Goodness Co is all about helping people. It’s what we are passionate about, and we truly believe we can improve people’s everyday experience by giving them the right information. The way we choose to do this is to help them make better choices through education, giving them the right tools and inspiring them with stories of people just like themselves achieving things they dream for.

We want to open the minds and hearts of the community out there to find health their way.

Local businesses are important to us as well. We nurture our business relationships and will only take on partnerships with those who give value to our friends, clients and the community.

We are each on a personal journey and all at such different stages of development. We want Green Goodness Co to be a resource for all to use. And to find not only inspiration, but connect with the people around them, those on a similar journey and those who dedicate their lives to help and serve through their businesses.

Connection to oneself and to those around them will give you a quality of life you have always dreamt of. This is our meaning of life and our gift to you. Helping you connect.

Rachel Dowdy - Goodness Goddess

Rachel is our Goodness Goddess and the passion behind Green Goodness Co. After running a Juice Cleanse company in 2014, Rachel started thinking about all the health and wellness businesses in Perth and realised that there was a gap in the market. There wasn’t an easy way to find all this information in one place, especially if you didn’t know what you were looking for!

That’s how Green Goodness Co was born – Rachel wanted to help the people out there who were trying to make better decisions in their lives – and also the businesses who could help those on a health and wellness journey.

Rachel believes in inspiring and encouraging health and wellness to as many people as possible in the local community and supporting those amazing businesses by helping them connect with those seeking information.

Rachel has spent the last 17 years in the corporate world and only started taking her health and wellness seriously after a few health scares. She believes it was the best decision of her life, and it has taken her on an incredible journey.

The journey has led her to India to complete her Yoga teacher training in 2013 which was a life changing experience. This inspired further studies in NLP, Raw Nutrition and Peak Performance Coaching.


Goodness Patrol - droplet scotty

Scotty Collins – That Goodness Guy

Our Goodness Guy is passionate about many things, but near the top of that list is helping people. A qualified finance consultant, Scotty came from the debt reduction space into the Green Goodness Co team, looking to help businesses achieve more. His 15 years’ experience in finance and sales, gives him plenty of clout when it comes to offering advice on how to grow a business. His general management skills make him a valuable part of our team, with a strong suit in business development and negotiating.

Behind the scenes, Scotty loves to exercise and loves to laugh. His quirky sense of humour mixed with his lack of shyness make him fun to deal with and you will often find Scotty doing his best to help everyone fit in and get along. After a heart scare in 2010 and a chronic back injury in 2013, Scotty turned a corner in his health journey and made fitness a priority. He enjoys a balance of group training and solo work, and although he can’t hit the pavement for his favoured “run in the rain” – he can still get his “sweat on” at the gym. Boxing, free weights, yoga and functional fitness are all in his top 10… along with a good ol’ fashioned kick of the footy. Scotty is our business development manager and is only too happy to answer questions about how to get on board, and how to make the most of it.


Alison Balch - MarketingAli Balch droplet

Ali is always on the go, and loves being part of Green Goodness Co to remind her of the importance to stop and focus on yourself. She loves to start the day with breathing in the fresh air outdoors, and can often be found near water - by the beach, taking in the outdoors at Lake Monger, or lapping it up at her local pool.

Her role within the team is to ensure that Green Goodness Co is represented accurately and consistently across all platforms. With a background in online customer experience, Alison also works with the development team to ensure that the our website is simple, effective and user friendly.



Gabby Mannella - Marketing Gabby Mannella droplet

Gabby is a mixed bag when it comes to #livingthegreen! On any given week you can guarantee that she will be doing some sort of yoga, personal training, netball and cardio or weights training. If you mix it up – then you’ll never get bored is her motto!

Gabby’s role as the Marketing Coordinator, is to make sure that the Green Goodness word is sung loud and proud in all the right places, so everyone knows about the awesomeness that is Green Goodness Co! She’s the engine behind the big ideas, and loves seeing her hard work turned into incredible results for the brand.

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  1. Hello,
    I am Celina and I am talking on behalf of Maracass, a company of dance, we promote well-being through dance and we will star a belly dance course and I would like to know how can I promote it thorough you guys.
    We are very small and just have a Facebook page yet, and would be grate if you could just share our event, it will star on 19/04 at Mind Body Heart Studio.
    Hope hear from you soon
    Thank you so much

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