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Alana Nelson Organic Hair Artist

Torn between wearing the latest hair trends and choosing to use a safe, organic, healthy product? 

Believe it or not, you can actually have both.

As a hairdresser of nearly 20 years, I did my 4-year apprenticeship in the traditional sense and worked in numerous salons after that (including my own for nearly 5 of those years). I have used a lot of the most well known “chemically based” hair colours and products. I loved my work and the results I produced.

In 2006 I became pregnant with my first child, sold my salon and left the industry for what I thought was a well earned break (ha ha, It really was just a warm up for what was to come). And like most women, fell more out of love with my career and more in love with my new one of being a Mum!

So much so, that I wanted to give my child (now children) the best start in life via excellent health and nutrition (among other things). This led to a passion of learning about the impact of what you put ON and IN your body and what it does to your health and environment.

I felt ill with the thought of the impact my work with chemicals could have potentially caused my unborn child and my own future health, but without the ability to go back and change time I made it my mission to learn and change my habits now and in the future to help prevent or reverse any damage that may have been done.

I have tried and tested so called “organic” professional brands and took time to find and source ones that could stack up to the same salon results I am used to getting. I was close to losing faith and even took a stab at home making my own shampoos. I am so passionate about eating well and exercising for my health, I didn’t want to undo it all an unbalance my body with an invasion of toxins from my hair and beauty regimes….

But in late 2014, I found a professional, organic, healthy hair colour and styling range that I absolutely adore, so much so, I was inspired to open up shop, in a beautifully appointed salon in my home to share the experience with like-minded lovelies who don’t want to sacrifice their health or their beauty, just like me.

Alana :)

For appointment inquiries: PM me on Facebook: Alana Nelson

or email: [email protected]

Doubleview, WA
0468 838 280
[email protected]