The Best Gluten Free Café’s in Perth

Gluten; that troublesome protein found in nearly everything is harmlessly delicious for some of us, but for others it means bloating and a whole host of irritating symptoms. Found in bread, pasta and nearly every staple food in the western world, the options for the gluten intolerant were dismal at one stage. But it’s 2017 and there’s so many options nowadays that make eating out an absolute no-brainer for those of us that don’t do gluten. Here are the best celiac friendly cafes going round;   

Sorrento Beach Shack

Sorrento Quay

This colourful water facing café is parked at Hilary’s Boat Harbour and well-known for being empathetic to the gluten-intolerant. With a whole range of classic options for breakfast, lunch and dinner— the staff at the Sorrento Beach Shack are really mindful of dietary requirements and very willing to help you navigate their menu. 

Little Bird Café


These guys do clean food the right way, think Nutella Cheescake, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Smoothies and all without the guilt-factor. A safe haven for the gluten free, The Little Bird Café is the spot to come when all you need is an indulgent mid-week pick me up.   

Stable Hands


As Freo’s newest venture on Bannister St, these guys do a thing or two right, from the specialty coffee, the well-designed space and their fancy, yet affordable menu — Stable Hands make you feel like a million bucks. Paying great consideration to the celiac’s among us, you’ll find nearly half the menu with ‘GF’ scrawled next to the description, from Black Rice and Rhubarb Porridge and House Smoked Chicken available all day, there’s plenty to satisfy even the toughest of crowds.

Natures Harvest


A health hub in the heart of Cottesloe, Nature’s Harvest is a utopia for anyone with specific dietary requirements, from vegans to the gluten free. With brekky options like their Mixed Berry Parfait, Living Buckwheat Granola, Health Waffles and Almond Buckwheat Pancakes, that are all free of gluten you most definitely won’t feel deprived. 

Panache Café


For the suits and the city slickers of the gluten-intolerant variety, Panache is your spot for a midday feed. Not only are they a reliable source for an impressive cup of coffee, but they do mouth wateringly good baked stuff too, from their Gluten-Free Almond-Crust Quiche, Tofu Sriracha Buddha Bowl and their Raw Vegan Lasagne’s to take away, never again will you need to go hungry if you leave the house unprepared.

Flora & Fauna


If there was an award for most colourful and floral food in Perth, Flora & Fauna would surely win the prize. Aside from the novel value of serving nearly all of their food with edible flowers, their menu isn’t just about the aesthetics. With a good, honest approach to home-made cooking, they do vegan, veggie and gluten-free dishes that won’t leave you feeling deprived.

The Little Shop of Plenty


A completely gluten-free café, The Little Shop of Plenty also use minimal sugar, no dairy products and place a huge focus on organic and nutrient dense foods. While they’re pretty serious on the health front, this certainly doesn’t mean deprivation of any kind, as there’s a lot to indulge in, from mini cheesecakes, raw Nutella on toast and raw banana crepes, you’ll leave feeling inspired to try their innovative recipes at home. 

The Greenhouse


A St Georges Terrace fixture in the CBD for quite a few years now, The Greenhouse have good karma in spades. They’re all about designing places out of natural materials and are passionate about providing natural food straight from the garden, if possible. Their breakfast menu is full of gluten-free options both healthy and indulgent, from their Bacon and Egg Burger to their Dalia Porriage with Roast Rhubarb, Orange Blossom Labne and Candied Walnuts.

Lovingly provided by Ella Liascos

Image credit: @reneecahill_


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