Want to know how to play your inner game?

This workshop is full to the brim of Business Planning and Mindset to get you in the right direction!
Designed to ‘ease’ you into business planning, this workshop will help you clarify why a business plan can be such an important tool for any small business.
Lets dive into the details of finding your competitive advantage

In this workshop you will:

  • Align you inner game with your outer goals to achieve rapid results.
  • Set a business strategy for success.
  • Achieve significant results in your business with only 20% of the work.
  • Understand what a competitive advantage is and why it’s important.
  • Identify a process for your competitive advantage as your business grows and diversifies.
  • Work smarter for significant results.
  • Align your personal goals with business outcomes so you can create a lifestyle business and not a life revolving around your business!


When: 9am - 3pm, Friday 20th May
Where: Telethon Speech & Hearing Centre
Cost: $149 for Grow Members and general public
$74.50 for Thrive Members
FREE for Flourish Members


Our Amazing Speakers

  • Barry Magliarditi - Founder and Director of The Game Changers

Barry has the tools, strategies and resources to assist people in creating change through aligning them with their deepest values and goals. As the Founder and Director of The Game Changers, Barry’s passion and drive has seen his clients achieve remarkable results, serve their highest purpose and live extraordinary, balanced and fulfilling lives. Barry is known as a Thought leader and has been recognised through awards such as The 30 under 30, 2015 Telstra Business Awards and more recently 2016 winner of the Inbia Innovation of Excellence in Business Coaching.

Find out more about Barry and his business through his site - The Game Changers.

  • Janet Curaan - Managing Director / CEO - Future Institute of Australia Pty Ltd

Future Institute strongly believes that if organisations invest in their employees by developing their skills and knowledge, the benefits are enormous, both in staff retention, output and efficiency. In our experience a common fear among business owners is a sense of worry that if they invest in training staff might leave or go to a competitor. Our response to this, as business owners is, – would it not be worse, if they didn’t train them and they stayed in the company.

Find out more about Future Institute through their site.

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  1. Hi Rachel, Id like to come to this as well Im wondering where I can find a timetable of events, joined up with you guys but I havent heard anything back.

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