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Pure Home Body

My name is Cara, I am a mother of two crazy boys, a pharmacist and a dedicated homebody!

I love my home, being home and all things about it. The sanctuary it provides for my family, its protection and the love it gives you if you nurture it. It may come as no surprise that your home, where you spend a large proportion of your life influences your wellness.

I am an integrated pharmacist and believe in approaching health in a holistic and integrated manner, combining the methods of traditional and eastern medicine with conventional western medicine to treat the mind, body and soul. I look at marrying the two modalities, my university degree in Pharmacy with my further naturopathic study, to create a synergistic and overall health treatment tailored to what works best for you, because there is no one person like you.

I have a strong passion for common and often debilitating diseases including asthma, eczema, allergies, auto-immune diseases, digestive problems and intolerances. What drove me to want to learn more and find alternative ways of treating these ailments were the parents of the children that suffer with these conditions. My heart aches when I see a desperate parent trying everything in their power to help their child. At times it can be quite isolating and lonely for these parents. Conventional medicine has brought us so far in treating these conditions but often if you look at how they work you find that they can be a ‘band-aid’ for the condition. In some cases they are overused or can quickly lose their effect resulting in stronger treatment, only for the vicious cycle to occur again. What is it that is really causing the body to overreact in such a way?

What else is underlying in all these conditions and other common lifestyle diseases? Is it the environment we live in? Are we too clean?

I realised that the environment that surrounds us does have a significant degree of influence on our health and is often overlooked when treating health conditions. Not only what we eat and how much we exercise but the chemicals and our surroundings can largely impact our bodies balance. The chemicals used within our home can place an additional burden on our bodies to eliminate them.

A string of unexplained headaches, dizziness and the pregnancy of my first son took me to realise that these chemicals could be impacting my health and the health of my unborn baby. It was this beautiful unborn child that spurred me on to do my research. I looked up every chemical in every cleaning product I had. The lists of side effects read headaches, nausea, hormonal imbalances, Cancer! And I was using these in my home?! Back then I thought if you weren’t showering yourself with them and you couldn’t smell that chemical smell, it just wasn’t clean!

So I started making my own home cleaning products, combining the properties of essential oils with safe and non toxic pharmaceutical compounds. And what started as a little thing for me soon became something to my friends and family. This support and encouragement inspired me to share these products with you and the idea of Pure Home Body was born.