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Have you ever said:

‘I can’t afford it’

‘I don’t have time’

‘I don’t have the energy’

‘I’m not smart enough’

‘Things like that don’t happen to people like me’

‘I don’t have enough willpower’

‘Things never go the way I want them to’

‘I’m just not that kind of person’

Subtly and subconsciously, underlying each of these statements is the belief ‘I am not worthy’.

Not worthy of abundance. Not worthy of support. Not worthy of health. Not worthy of recognition. Of love. Of respect. Of friendship. Of opportunities.

This belief has been planted in our mind by our inner critic and that voice of fearcan come up with plenty of examples any time we need proof of any of the above statements. The problem is, that when we don’t feel worthy of living our dream life, right down to our every core and in our every cell, we simply can’t live it. In fact, we are blocking it from becoming a reality.

In our hearts and souls, we know that we are worthy. We know that every single one of our dreams, not matter how big and beautiful, is not just possible, but on it’s way to us right now. But this knowing is bloody difficult to tap into when our inner critic is stealing our attention.

Cultivating amazing self worth is about empowering yourself in the moment to take inspired action from the heart.

Let me break it down for you….


Video | My Number One Tip for Amazing Self Worth from Amelia Harvey - Life Coach


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