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Momentum Lifestyles

Momentum Lifestyles is giving you the chance to save valuable time usually invested in preparing food. We will take care of all of the grocery shopping, preparation and cooking for you! Best of all- there’s no mess to clean up after!

Over the years, we have been helping our clients throughout Perth to achieve their fitness and training goals, whether it’s for weight loss or muscle gain. We have found that even though most of our clients were putting in 110% with their fitness, they were struggling with meal preparation ultimately limiting their results.

We understand that preparing healthy meals on your own can feel like a part time job in itself, that’s why the Momentum Lifestyles team have combined our skills and knowledge to take your fitness further. Momentum Meals are a specially designed a range of gourmet, ready to eat meals that are all portion controlled, made only using lean meat, are low in sodium, low in fat and perfectly balanced.

We understand our clients needs are unique, so we offer a selection of different meal sizes, in a variety of different proteins to accommodate for special dietary requirements. We are focused on creating delicious food for all tastes and developing meal plans personalised to our clients fitness goals. If you would like to gain muscle, burn fat or just maintain a healthy weight Momentum Lifestyles can help you!