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March 19, 2021 – March 20, 2021 all-day
Bibbulmun Track
Bibbulmun Track
Perth WA 6076
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Inner Trekker

Are you ready to embark on this life-altering and ​self-enhancing expedition?

The trek up two mountains will most likely be the highlight for you on this adventure - along with the abundance of wholesome, nutritional food; interactive life enhancing workshops; soul stirring views and experiencing tranquility at it’s finest. Now this is living!

The trek will consist of an approximate 32km walk/hike over three days and two nights along a segment of the infamous 1,000km Bibbulmun Track, Western Australia. Like all self-sufficient and empowering adventures (and to activate our ‘Inner Warrior’) we will be carrying most of our supplies along the mapped wilderness track and we will be camping over the two nights. The intensity of the trek is moderate
and is suitable for most people to experience.

The retreat is specifically designed to provide various resources that enhance, educate and encourage a strengthened relationship that the participant has with their health and wellness. The trek itself may be challenging and most of the time participants may feel overwhelmed with being out of their comfort zone.

It is when we stretch our body, mind and comfort zone that we tap into ourselves and we ourselves expand!

The support from the facilitators and the group will offer encouragement and guidance to enable participants to successfully complete the journey. Participants will be flooded with feelings of accomplishment and have the opportunity to utilise the encompassing and enriching experience to benefit all aspects of their life post-trek. ​

The activities that are offered during the trekking ventures are holistically designed to provide life-long benefits and enhance the living experience of an individual. Participants will enjoy exploring and enhancing their mind, body and spirit through movement, exercise, creative expression and nutrition.


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